Hello everyone

hey guys. most of you probably dont remember me but i posted here a while back. well, ive finally decided to start posting here again because the only other forum i post on is turning into a flamefest and that gets old quick. anyways, yo

you are like, the only person on right now, so whad up?

insomnia =O

You should get that cheked out. It could prove to be a serious problem caused by cancer or something.

I dare say, I remember you good sir.



I don’t.

But I do say, good sir Eden, that you have been around much more than usual lately. Cheerio!

I remember the name, but nothing else.

So… whozzat then?

thats better than nothing :wink:

i started posting here when i was 17 and then two years ago i joined the navy and went off on a pirating scheme involving the destruction of 7 world powers. now that i have eluded my immediate enemies i am back seemingly temporarily at least. =D

I thought Uncharted Waters only had 6 world powers :wink:

well one of them wasnt in uncharted waters. duh

I don’t remember either, but still, welcome back!

Originally Posted by Rigmarole
I thought Uncharted Waters only had 6 world powers :wink:

Maybe there were 7 in UW2 Dark Horizons?

I seem to remember a Rommel posting on the boards awhile back, but I may have just misread the name. Are you the same person?

Anyway, welcome back! What part of Cali do you hail from?

Seems that way. Searching for “Rommel” yields an invalid user error, so 'twas probably him.

My advice? Get a better avatar. That one sucks ass.

Perhaps you’d been thinking of that other Rommel?

My bad. I meant UW2 (Lost Horizons IIRC), it had 6.

i could be wrong but i think you started posting here just a little while after i did

it probably was me. i hail from southern california in the beautiful yet smog filled city of riverside

i have no idea what you are talking about anymore =P

well maybe if you searched for Romm-I-el you might get a return :wink:

regarding my avatar. its there for me. i dont use them to impress anyone but if you must know my best friend irl drew that for me one day

Wasn’t trying to look for your posts. :wink:


So you finally decided to make a decent contribution to the forum huh? Thanks for the irony! :smiley: