Hello Everyone

:wave: I am sorry that I have not been on here for quite a long time. I graduated from high school, gone to a wedding and the recption afterwards, had relatives come to visit, started college etc. I just wanted everyone to know that I did not forget about you. But now I am back. Hope to hear from some of you guys and gals. :kissy: :dancer:


What college are you attending?

welcome back.

:moogle: now stay!

Welcome back!

Hey, I remember you! Nice to see you back. :smiley:

Hey! It’s that guy I’ve seen from time to time. Welcome back!

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome back. Give me all your valuables.’

Welcome back…ya…thats what you are suppose to say…right?

Really, welcome back.

Nice to see you again, Font. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Nothing’s changed around here… sadly. Help things by posting frequently, k? :wave:

Who are you?

Who, who, who are you?!

Nice Roger Daltry Impresson there, 2k, I beleve this is still classed as a Newbie thread. Yup! You’ve got to it! (Cough) Hi, I’m Big Nutter, aka My-cybernetic-cohort-has-stuck-her-foot-in-it-this-time. I wasn’t planning to do this one 2k!

BN + 2k
Hi I’m 2k, I am forced to ask you: “What would you like to do today?” (I can not beleve I did it…)

I second that.

Ok, I thought I’d seconded it, but I’ll Third it,

4th it!

Did I miss something? Many old people here, yesss. Many interesting people here. Might as–

have you seen my kitty?

–well welcome you back…so…welcome back…stranger…

I remember her. Welcome back :o

Nice to see ya again, Fontana. Glad to hear everything is going well for ya.

Welcome back, I remember you. :smiley: Will you be hanging around RPGC more often?