Hello boyos

You people are all fucking faggots (with the exception of Cless Alvein) and you have no lives, you go on these chat rooms and say, hey I have made a difference in this world by giving my opinion on the dumbest subjects I’ve ever heard. Why are you wasting your lives, go outside and get some fresh air, I bet you are all white because you don’t do anything. Newsflash people there is something to do other then sit at your computer and make random aquantences and call them friends. I’m sure your mothers would agree with me and say “listen to that boy and get out of my basement”. Well, I hope you people aren’t to offended when I say GET A FUCKING LIFE!

I refuse to belive that you have njothing better to do than this.

As a great man once said…BALEETED!

WTF? You fucking ass. Fuck off, I hope you grow up sometime, a fuckin’ 12 year old says this, and funny YOU ARE POSTING ON A MESSAGE BOARD AS WELL DUMBFUCK, meaning YOU HAVE NO LIFE.


How many bans does that make now?

The iron hand of justice is swift and deadly