Hello all..

Hi everyone, i’m new as you can see… I was assigned by request recently to work on the Lufia: The Ruins of Lore shrine, so slowly but surely it’s coming along in a gradual process… I didn’t really realize how complicated the aspects are on that game, however, so it’s probably going to take longer than expected >.<… Anyway, I just thought i’d go ahead and join the forum if I expected to be known around here… :boring:


Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.

Hey. Good luck with the shrine. :toast:

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SKIN GRAFTS! rips your face off an eats it!!!


Meh…! NUUU!! :bowser: B-but I’m using my face right now…



Boy, you are likely to lose an arm!

Alright!!.. That does it… You made me pull out…

On you!!


Although Kefka was a badass, he was nothing but a wuss in battle.

Howdy, by the way.

:thud: Maybe I should’a pulled out Poltergeist!! :thud:

Are you human?

Sorc, who is that woman in your avatar? she’s cute.

rofl, that’s shinobi dude.

Hello Luphia, nice to meet you ^^

Shin is a scardy-cat! Hiding behind a white piece of paper!

Welcome. I’ll have to play that game at some point.

No… i’m not human… and Kairi… Thanks for being nice… Unlike some poeple I know… :thud: :hahaha;


It’s a decent game, just quite tedious, and there’s so many different aspects that it’s not even funny… No wonder i’ve been the only person stupid enough to want to actually finish this shrine… :mwahaha: :hahaha;

I love the first lufia. It was my first rpg.

I thought it was Harry Potter…

I didnt know shinobi was a woman.

I can see it now. Shinobi, the boy who lived, given his scar-shaped scar by the attack of the evil Lord Sorcerer. By summer he is a normal boy, but by spring, autumn and winter he goes to RPGC School for The Mentally Gifted, where he learns how to disssect moogles with his friends Hades and Valkyrie Esker trails off into meaningless drivel.

There’s a fic in that sentence somewhere, Sohee. ;D