Hello again.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve logged in here in a year.

Hello to those that remember me. I’m not really sure why I haven’t been here in a while, I used to really enjoy posting here and conversing with people. Ah well, I’m back again.

I do indeed remember you, BK (ninja edit: DK, sowwy). Welcome back. :smiley:


DK4, is that you?

No, dorkknight has like three posts and is too cool for forums other than gamefaqs.

wb other dk

Yo mate.

Howdy. :wave:

Did you used to have that avatar with the turtle?

Typo. That’s what happens when I type anything after waking up. >.>

I type everything after waking up. Er, yeah.

Heya DK.

Yep, the waving turtle was indeed mine…

Good memory…

I’m impressed at just how many of the same people are still around.

Wish I would have made a returning thread…but i didnt. I just decided to start posting again. But ya…i remember you. :slight_smile:

Yo, welcome back from your prolonged break. Don’t worry Nightmare, I think most people remember you, too.

hello. I know you from the chatroom, right? see you there

I think remember you. Was the mentioned turtle one from the Love Hina anime?

welcome back, I recall the turtleness. ^^

'lo DK, though i think i know you more on chat than on rpgc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think these are the same DKs. This one lives in south Florida, and the chatroom one lives in North Carolina.

Nah, I still have all of these useless numbers after my name on the forum.