6 suspected bombings on the London underground/buses. They’re not saying if its aterrorist attack or not yet, although it seems likely.

I’m stunned and horrified. Watching it on the TV now . . . I don’t see how something so coordinated couldn’t be a terrorist attack.

Ugh . . . how easily this could have been my city - that really drives it home how serious this is.


It looks like the war on terror finally hit the shores of Britain.

It was only really a matter of time for the Brittish to be hit… and seeing the current celebrations, about the 2012 Olympics, a LOT of attention was diverted, so it seemed like the opportune moment to stage something.


And George Bush does happen to be in london today, along with the political leaders of Japan, China, India, Sout Africa and some others…sounds like a perfect time to strike.

No they’re in Scotland, Gleneagles, Tony Blair is going back to London from there now.

Ow. Bastards.

Bloody wankers

I must admit, I can’t believe this actually happened.

And one Al Qaeda group has taken credit for it. Whether they actually did it or not, is yet to be seen.

Yeah I only just got that, at the time of posting I hadn’t seen where it was on.

On a side note: this looks like just what Blair needs to set up those freedom-raping anti-terrorist laws he always wanted…wonderful.

Like a British Patriot Act. Nice.

Lets just go back to the dark ages while we’re at it. Society just needs to collapse already so we can build a new one.

I just hope that all of you English RPGCers are OK and none of your friends or relatives got hurt.

Ugggggh. Bad bad bad.

The first moment I heard it, I also heard three explanations to it.

Electric problems.
French people jealous of the Olympic matter.

And I thought number one at first. Ugh.

So do I.

Terrorism IS real, and it’s STILL going to keep happening, folks- it isn’t just an excuse for Bush’s actions. You can disagree on how the “War on Terror” is being fought, but the fact it NEEDS to be fought is undeniable. Hopefully the nations of the World will decide to work together on the matter (I don’t see much cooperation going on. Of course, I’m not privy to what secret antiterrorist meetings might be taking place.)

You can’t win against an enemy you can’t see or find. Look at Vietnam and Korea.

Vietnam and Korea had poor reasons to be fought and even worse ways of being fought. And nobody is perfect- sooner or later, the terrorist themselves will fumble and reveal themselves. Though I agree a far greater degree of participation is going to be needed, not just invading countries.

The Korean War was won in the sense that North Korea did not take over the entire peninsula. From my understanding, that war was a rather conventional one in terms of enemies fought. I also wouldn’t classify fighting to protect an ally and sovereign nation independent from an agressor as a poor reason to be fought. But hey, that’s just me speaking on a 50 year old war.

Great…that’s just great. We have policies that are supposed to protect the public from terrorists, which downtrods personal rights, and yet doesn’t stop shit like this from happening.

But where those wars fought over a real desire to help, or as part of the Cold War, that is, the USA trying to enforce its influence against that of communist nations? Even today that’s being argued.

In my opinion, organizations like the CIA should bring whatever evidence they have that a certain country contains terrorist bases to the United Nations security council so they can demand that said countries do something about them by a specific date or face military action from the UN. The US should not do it on its own. Though the UN doesn’t seem to be doing much against terrorism (again, as far as I know.)

Also remember that when an attack “Al-Qaeda” that doesn’t mean that it was direct orders from Osama or anything. Alot of times small groups of people with the same ideas will align themselves with a larger organization to gain greater press time and recognition.

And korea was the last conventional war fought by the US.

Honestly, when i first heard about it, i thought it was done by a group angry about the olympics, rather than terrorists =\