Hell yeah !!!!!

For those of you who care about game music and know about CocoeBiz, here’s a special treat : There will indeed be a DVD of the Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert held earlier this summer. And to spice things up… it’s region-free !!! 8D

:yipee: :yipee: :yipee:

I’m done now 8P

Sakuraba…ew… I have absolutely no idea how in hell they could make it played by an orchestra unless you feed large amounts of coccaine and speed to the players.

If Shining the Holy Ark, Golden Sun, or Golden Sun 2 are examples of Sakuraba’s other works, he’s nothing special. Especially if it’s like StHA.

Imagine Tales of Destiny played orchestraly… x_x. The brass could sound pretty good and the lighter themes as well, but that’s just a fraction fo what’s playable.

Tales of Destiny is hyper. I really don’t know how it would sound rendered orchestrally… o_O It’d be interesting if it DID sound good though. Didn’t Sakuraba also do Parasite Eve?

It’s a progressive rock concert, not orchestral -_-;; :thud:

Originally posted by Dragon God
It’s a progressive rock concert, not orchestral -_-;; :thud:

Oh. Prog rock. Extremely complicated songs that go on for a long, long time- as opposed to classical music… which involve… uh… extremely complicated songs that go on for a long, long time.

But… uh… prog rock has guitars! ;>_>

Also, it’s only Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile music.


Hey, I loved Golden Sun’s music.

Nice. At least, it would have been if I liked live recordings. And what is the point of video recordings of live concerts: Doesn’t that take a way part of the point, that is, the live part?

I’ve heard better composers too.