Interesting news, regarding a few people we know and a few others nobody ever heard of…
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i thought something like that would happen eventually…:stuck_out_tongue:

We already have The Darwin Awards and IgNobel, why do we need one more?

because people cannot get it through their thick skulls that usually only one of something is needed…

You said it! Why do people only choose jerks as leaders these days?!

because we’re too stupid to make better people our leaders.

Well, at this rate… who knows what kind of maniac will get elected and start playing with nukes?

If you ever played GURPS, then you might have noticed this:

Found in GURPS Basic Set descriptions for skills
pre-requisites: none
default level: ST* -5
This skill is used to lead [blah blah blah]
Despite being a mental skill, this one defaults to ST* because, in a group where no one knows how to lead, the strongest it the most likely to be the leader.

ST is Strength

Why do I keep thinking about Fallout every time I hear about these things…?

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Well, at this rate… who knows what kind of maniac will get elected and start playing with nukes?

you mean that hasn’t happened already?

We’d better pray. Calculations say that we have enough nukepower to destroy Earth around 24 times. USA and Russia signed a treaty that would reduce it to 12 (don’t they get that it’s no difference if it’s still above 1?).

And that just with the arsenal everybody knows of. They didn’t count the hidden arsenal for obvious reasons.

And the other weapons… experimental viruses, nerve gas… I’ll bet the US and a few other countries are hiding them. Thanks to them, we may be wiped out by a stray virus…

You’re right. SARS is an example of what happens when an accident happens with bioweapons. We’re just lucky it wasn’t a strong bioweapon (in bioweaponry terms).

But the hypocrisy in all this is sickening… Many countries use those weapons as an excuse for war, when they have them as well and are willing to use them…:fungah:

It’s that old thinking: If I have a gun and you don’t then I should be just safe.

Many nations are like street thugs: unarmed, they whine and crawl, but give them a gun and they think they own the world. They’ll just start threatening people and making a mess.

"Stupidest Person in the World - Former Iraqi Information Minster Saeed al-Sahaf.

Stupidest Government in the World - People’s Republic of North Korea

Media Outlet which has made greatest Contribution to Furthering Ignorance Worldwide - CNN

Stupidity Award for Reckless Endangerment of the Planet - U.S. President George W. Bush

Stupidest Trend or form of Mass Hysteria - Humans destroying the planet

Stupidest Film of the Year - Kangaroo Jack

Stupidest Person in Canada - Prime Minister Jean Chretien"

They’ve already “won.”

Blair should be down for every category…

Wait… SARS was a biological weapon? o.O

Originally posted by Cala
Wait… SARS was a biological weapon? o.O

i thought it was just some virus…