Heh...poor, stupid lamer...

The little SOB doesn’t have a donut’s chance in Rosie 'o Donnel’s house. :o

Poor Hypha. He goes through all that trouble, only to run into the expert lamer-hunter.

I think X will have some trouble concerning Hypha will never admit defeat, but the lil’ dude is in for a lot of pain. :o And I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at X since the spinning penguins of death :slight_smile:

Ah, time for some good ole’ fashioned carnage and mayhem. Yay! ^^

Although it’ll be a joy to kick some ass and take som names, I was hoping SB would take that chalkboard thing further so I could throw in a Sealab reference.

Indeed, but this way we get to see some of your technical expertise.

Yes, well, since my last battle I have perfected several techniques that I think Hypha will find both interesting and painful…

Amazing. MegaManX2K has a function. coff Excuse me while I go and hide behind Merlin, or Zero.

Are you ever like, NOT a bitch or just plain depressing?

X, that’s Nulani you’re talking about. Of COURSE not.

She’s Death. What do you expect?
Try talking to the Smilie she brings sometimes.

She’s not Death, that’s just one of her little ego trips. She just owns a bunch of hourglasses and claims they’re “life timers”. It’s sad, really.

Sad, yes. Because soon those sands shall cease to flow, and that person’s life will end.

No, she’ll just turn the thing over and claim she had mercy upon some poor sod’s life. Some da one of them is going to shatter cuz she dropped it, she’ll get cut and die. Irony, there for ya.

Well… this current sitch in Ol cannot end well. Yay.

WooHoo. I turned the thread to be about me.

No. I’m never not a bitch and a depressed sod: What would be the fun with that? I mean. Everyone can be kind, nice, happy, that just requires a Japanese Smile-O-Matic; to be a bitch and a depressed sod, however, requires work and talent. You knew all this from before of course.
And yes. It’s an ego trip: You have your ragnarok blaster, and I have my black robe, scythe, and cheap hour glasses bought at Ikea. Anyway. I retain my right to be a bitch, or at least bitch, untill my ego is entierly satisfied: That is when I rule the world, everyone kiss my feeth, oh, and I got a sprite comic all about me. nod, nod

As for Mr. Waving Smilie: He doesn’t really talk much, beyond ‘Welcome’, ‘Hi’, ‘Bye’, ‘You suck’, he mostly makes bubbely sounds; probably from eating the soap he steals. If that’s not the cause, I don’t want to know; as far as I know he hasn’t bit anyone yet.

Originally posted by Nulani
WooHoo. I turned the thread to be about me.

a great talent, that is.