This thing with losing the girl has completely fucked up my sleeping pattern. I’ve really slept since Friday night and I have work tomorrow (in about 4 hours or so). Yay, I’m gonna beat my old record of 2 days straight with 3 days of being up. I just hope I can sleep after work and it’ll only be these three days.

Well, you can’t really lose something that was never yours, dude. Wasn’t she some chick that you like, but someone just happened to beat you to the punch, eh?

I hope you sleep well. :boring:

Man, I hope you don’t lose any sleep over it, I mean, I remember the time I was up for 2 days straight in three days.

Okay, so on one of those days, I was so drunk I thought that rolling down a hill at -40 celcius (that’s hella cold for those who don’t know) that’s full of snow was a GOOD idea.

Plus, as drunk as I was, I went on boxing day sales right after that (yes, it was on Christmas, yes, I’m as pathetic as anything to get drunk with friends on Christmas instead of staying with my family).

Don’t worry, soon you’ll be so used to rejection that the pain will only last like, one hour tops before you get over it. At least thats what it is like with me.

however now i have an irrational hatred for women, instead of my previous irrational fear of them

Anvils are good at inducing sleep!
Or you could just use sleeping pills.

Ugh…shit, dude. I feel for you, man. Like, I just got to know you real well and really like you, and now this…man. I’m so, so sorry. I know how it feels to get your hopes up and all ready to get with a girl, and then suddenly all possibility of that disappears from reality. It’s like, empty…I’m so sorry man. If I were with you I’d take you running, I’d run you to the ground even though you’re way more able to do that shit than me I think, so you could at least get some sleep one night. Hopefully the marine corps will do that for me, but in the mean time I know how much it’s gotta suck.

Good luck, and take it easy. It’ll be better one day.

I recommend tea.

I’ve never really been through a heartrending romantic situation, but…

For everything I have been through, barring stomach viruses (for an obvious reason), tea helps.

When, oh when will you blatantly blind fools learn? Being in a relationship is hardly good. If you look at logic, life’s rival, you learn that love gets you nowhere, and you adapt to my methods such! My proving evidence for love’s worthlessness;

1: It is risky; dumpings, affairs and etcetera are all factors!

2: There is no true gain other than emotional gain. by true gain I mean stuff you actually benefit from!


3: It will ALWAYS end sadly… one or the other dies; unless, of course, you’re immortal, in which case go have a blast.

And a 13 year old really has the credibility and experience to provide sound advice on relationships and love? Any teenager is apt to say huhhuhhuh love sucks I’m such a drama whore I’ll never get a girl.

I feel graced to be insulted by someone who doesn’t realize that the previous statement was an OPINION… but whatever.
Plus, at least I don’t lie about my age.

How can you have such an opinion when you’re so young and have nothing to back up your ridiculous statement?

I wasn’t insulting you, I’m just tired of hearing oh life’s the poo love is the shitter oh no my life is ending sob sob. Too many people piss and moan about that when they have no reason to. (This statement has nothing to do with Infonick of course. Speaking of which I offer my sympathy and hope to never find myself in the same situation. Bummer, man :slight_smile:

WHAT?! Did you just call me suicidal?! I have NEVER been so insulted in my entire life! Fungah! Suicide is for goths and dipshits… I just really don’t care for love, that’s all! Hell, I am in no way suicidal… there are too many damn enjoyables in life to be commiting suicide!
And, uh, who whipped up that wild pic of Reno for ya, man?

Yeah. I just out and out called you suicidal. Thanks for reading between the lines and your brilliant comments.

I give up.

Hey! I may be dense, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid! I just don’t like people meddling with my opinions.

Welcome to a message board. If you post your opinions, people are going to reply in suit. Don’t act surprise when people challenge you when they disagree with you, especially on something like love. Besides, you’re 13, you’ve never experienced it anyways so your views on it are exceptionally distorted at best.

Thank you, Kagon… I feel so much more confident in myself now that someone has called my opinions on love exceptionally distorted. Heh, I guess it’s true, though, so what am I to be saying against it, I guess.

Opinions are good, but don’t like, get attached to them. Cause one day an experience can walk along that just blows everything you used to think away, and you have to be ready for that, so you don’t go crazy and try to kill everybody. Like Kefka.

I mean…dealing with gals in middle/high school is really frustrating. But it gets easier as you and they have more real experiences and thoughts, and just…it won’t always hurt as much as you think it will, dude. Uh actually, that’s probably a lie - love is always gonna have some like, ooomph, intensity to it, but you learn to dig it and ride the excitement, and turn the intangible gains into tangible, happy effects to your personality. Like, I’m trying to talk to you here…just. Don’t sweat it too much right now. I try not to too. We’re both really young after all, you know?

Eh, whatever is all I’ve got to say, man. It’s not that I don’t LIKE it, and not that I would shove a chance in the dirt, more so that I don’t really care for it, and probably wouldn’t care much more for a chance at it. It’s just not on my list of priorities. Beating RS3 with a team of Julian, Boston, Robin, Sharl and Fullbright, now THERE’S my concern! Lookit that party! All the damned elements! SIZMOKE!
Robin= Wind and Moon, Boston= water, Sharl= Fire, Fullbright= Earth and Sun! SAH-LAAMAGE! and only ONE is a mage, making the rest full out fighters… score.

HAHAHA Im a dumb ass. (edit)