Heeeere's Batman!

Looks like the next Batman movie WILL be serious, not camp like “Batman and Robin”. Thank God.

Here’s a few pictures of Christian Bale (Bruce wayne) in and out of costume.


I like the ears. 8 )

I’m skeptical of any Batman movie past the second one, quite frankly. Without Tim Burton they just started getting… eh. I guess the third was allright- but after that they made me cry tears of blood.

I’ll see it anyway, in case I’m wrong. =p

W00tage! :slight_smile:

But they’ve already killed off all the A-line Batman villains anyway. Silly one-off villains from the campy 60’s tv show are the only ones left.

Trying to get me to take King Tut seriously = disaster. Unless they like totally go in different direction and make him some superhuman resurrected evil mummy. But then they’ll just be ripping off the Mummy/Scorpion King franchise, which I’m not that big a fan of, either (though the first one was alright).

That’s pretty cool. I heard about it before, but didn’t know they already had pictures of it. Any idea of who the main villain is going to be?

I agree with that. It’s just gone downhill without Tim Burton.

Yeah. Why do Batman’s enemies keep getting killed in the movies, anyway? Batman hates killing! o_O

It’s old school ears, almost like the Adam West ones. Yeah but I wonder who the villain would be now? The Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, heopfully not some sissy side villain. All of the good ones were wasted on crappy sequels, like Mr. Freeze and Ahnold for example, though Ahnold is always the man, next to Pai Mei.

Pretty much every superhero has killed at least once. The early Batman actually used a gun.

As for the movie, with a title like “Batman Begins,” I have a feeling it won’t be a part of the last Batman series. As for the villain, with a quick look on imdb, it seems the main bad guy will be referring to Bats as “Detective,” if you catch my drift.

you were saying?

I want one of the ones on the right :mwahaha:

uuuhhhh… yeah… its the same machine. its a view of the front and back…

You mean to tell me that the thing right there is the Batmobile? Because that’s like the Batmobile on steroids.

It is very hard to follow up two great films by the GREAT Tim Burton… but it wasn’t just that that made the second two movies suck. It was the horrible, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLENESS that is Joel Schumacher. (Dunno if that’s spelled right) MAKE HIM DIE!!! >O

Batman is like Godzilla

the first godzilla was terrifying
second one I dont think I saw
then they started making him all cute, more like a cat

to appeal to families and younger viewers and shit.
but then 1985 comes around and BAM!

evil bad ass godzilla is back!

The bad guy in this one is Ras Al Ghul, played by Ken Watanbe (The Last Samurai)

Someone asked…

According to info I’ve gathered in various websites, the villains this time are Ra’s al Ghul (my fave Bat villain!) and a reeeally creepy version of The Scarecrow. The movie IS set early on Batman’s career, and while it isn’t official yet, I think it’s pretty obvious that they’re restarting the franchise. So don’t be surprised if the Joker, Catwoman, etc. show up again in the next Bat movies. Killing them was a waste, anyway.

I hadn’t seen the Batmobile, thought. YUCK! (Maybe it’s the Bat-Tank? :hahaha; )