Heed my words: a warning.

I just made an example of Izlude. He was banned for having a mario fucking peach avatar which I had sternly warned Neb against having the day before. Let this be a reminder to everyone to re-read the forum rules and to take into consideration what is appropriate and not appropriate considering the environment which you are posting it. Also, take into consideration the words of the administrative staff when they say something as it is in your best interests. When it has come to the flaming and trolling and other picture events, we have been somewhat more lenient, but be aware that sometimes the discussion may take a few days to resolve itself before your time comes but that sometimes it may not under the appropriate circumstances. Izlude will be returning very soon as his ban is meant to be more symbolic and he certainly gets the point now. However, future events will not be treated as lightly. This is CERTAINLY NOT the first time in the past couple weeks where individuals have been contacted or had their posts or profiles edited for inapropriate content and I am growing particularly irritated with having to deal with these and my patience is pretty thin to begin with, particularly when it comes to certain topics. Rules like the porn and gore rule are worded the way they are not so that people may take borderlining steps on the avoid regulation but to be explicitly clear in what is and what is not considered acceptable on the forums. Therefore, if you haven’t noticed our more peaceful dealings with the rest of the community before, well consider yourself notified now. I don’t like having to repeat myself.

You don’t scare me.

Devillion, I’d suggest you not mock the seriousness of Sinistral. And I also don’t think this is really under discussion (the whole topic).

Too bad i’m not supposed to re-post here and tell you to please shut the fuck up. Oh wait, i already did. Please shut the fuck up.

Dev: This is precisely the kind of posting I’m advocating against. Consider yourself warned.

Sin: Just a question, was that avatar of a bunny eating the head off someone against the “porn and gore” rules? I’ve never read the rules myself.

Edit: The avatar is pretty old. At least I haven’t seen it lately.

Sin: Just a question, was that avatar of a bunny eating the head off someone against the “porn and gore” rules? I’ve never read the rules myself.


… Wow, for a person to have seen the “read the rules” so many times since coming here, you woulda thought he’d go look. -.-

Are you really surprised , Pierson and Cala. Seriously. ARE YOU?

I know I’m not.

I am because I want to believe humanity has some worth.

Meh, have I been permbanned before?

Edit: Also, I love how you guys actually think you’re worth a shit

Uhm… sorry if I’m wrong but how’s not being permbanned an argument? Sure, you should be glad but I don’t think saying “I have not been forbidden of ever again setting foot within this place yet” works as a great indicator of how good a member you are.

Just saying.

You will be from the chat. Heh.

What I meant, is that I could figure out rules using common sense and seeing what others do. And who said I was a good member? You guys stuff so much into eachothers mouths that you have no idea what other people are saying! What’s the deal with this guys? I think we need a little counseling time. Okay, who’s going to lay down first? I’ll be the doctor! :slight_smile:

And the chatttttt, I love the chat :frowning: It’s the chatty chat chatmcroom!

Charyou tree.

For those of you who read King, you best get the reference.

And Sin: I’m not particularly surprised, but I mean, I’ve only looked at them like twice since I’ve come here. They’re common sense, shouldn’t have to be read, but they’re still broken. C’mon, common sense says you shouldn’t do X or else you’ll be punished.

Los Salvador.

Not really…

Via con dios

What the fuck is Charyoutree o_o;; And exactly what Cala said, you have to be retarded to completely fuck up the rules of a forum, especially after just reading around for a couple weeks.