OMG! This is even more unexpected than Anna Nicole Smith’s death! I wonder how Jake Gyllenhaal feels about this. :frowning:

I feel the need to watch “A Knight’s Tale” now.

Poor sap. Hate it was overdose. No big Hollywood party for his part in the Batman movie now.

The Joker is DEAD???

Now I’m really hoping that The Dark Knight doesn’t suck.

Well, shit. :too bad:

I think this is now officially Shit Week. I dread to know what’s going to happen by the end of it. -_-

First Brad Renfro now Heath Ledger, there will be one more within the month. From what they are saying on IMDB it seems that The Joker killed him, he drove himself crazy to properly play the role as he saw fit to go all out on it, got insomnia then got hooked on sleeping pills and died of an overdose, I find this weird as I was asleep when it happened and dreamed of a girl I knew who killed herself on the day it was revealed he would play The Joker.

Now those demonic Westboro Baptist Church assholes are planning to picket his funeral because he was in Brokeback Mountain, I hope they get their ass’s kicked beyond repair for this, Australians wont put up with their crap.

This pretty much ruined my day when I heard it. Major bummer, as “A Knight’s Tale” is one of my favorite movies. I was really looking forward to more of his movies, especially as he wasn’t all cought up in the media craze that follows most up and coming stars.

That’s kind of really stupid. Jack Nicholson didn’t have to do all that and he was still hella good.

I’d love to see him Method-acting for A Knight’s Tale then.

It’s a pity.

And Heath wanted to be better.

Also, Jack Nicholson’s just actually crazy anyway. Just because he didn’t have to become crazy doesn’t change that. <.<

Also, the Joker has come close to driving me crazy from just reading some of the Batman comics. I don’t want to imagine trying to act him.

And on topic, this makes me really sad, I really liked him as an actor. :frowning:

Knights Tale wasn’t really his best movie, it was one of the movies Sony had to make up a fake critic to give it good reviews over afterall.

The man doesn’t make the movie however, and he is an excellent actor. No amount of money and top notch actors can save a bad movie though. Just look at Dungeons and Dragons. There are other movies too, but that one sprang to mind first.

I’m reminded of River Phoenix, for all the wrong reasons.

It’s a shame, and a waste.

If I die, let it be method acting in a comic book adaptation.

I’ve heard a half-hopeful half-cynical comment that maybe this will turn out to be a publicity stunt, and at his funeral, he’ll suddenly walk in, in full Joker regalia …

That’d be pretty bad, even for publicity. It’d probally deter some folks from going to see the new movie.

Khalbrae: Go see “In the Name of the King.”

If (when) The Dark Knight turns out to be an awesome movie, he’ll be a legend.

Heath Ledger is one of my favorites… I couldn’t help myself after 10 Things I Hate About You, when he’s singing on the bleachers.
However, since the tox reports aren’t finished, we don’t actually know what killed him - it could have been an OD, or it could have been a drug interaction, or who knows? The media going on and on about six different prescription bottles being found concerns me a bit for the message their delivery implies; I don’t know about the rest of you, but I know for a fact that I have over six in my bedroom and bathroom and I’m sure not addicted to anything in those. :slight_smile: Anywho, we’ll find out soon enough.

I heard about this on the news and had to look him up to find out what he was in because he was only described as “a young actor”. It is a great shame and greater loss.

This is why you don’t do drugs kids!

Wow… found this on Google.

Appearantly, Best Buy decided to cash in on Heath’s death hours after the event happened. But they have since decided to pull the displays after a huge backlash.

This is why insomniacs shouldn’t take sleeping pills.

Cancer patients, don’t you get no radiation, neither. I hear it killed two whole cities of people in the Japan.

Arac, I was only being half serious. As a cancer patient who’s had more than enough of my share of radiation, I can say that it’s partly responsible for saving my life. What I meant to convey is that I think way too many people are on anti-depressants and other drugs and because of their instability, often overdose on them. It’s a shame really, but I guess that’s today’s mindset that everything can be cured with a pill.
I feel sorry for the family of these victims but I believe that if one thinks their current career to so stressful, you can’t really function, you should consider looking elsewhere.