Heard an interesting rumor... (FF9)

I heard a rumor that I need debunked/confirmed.

I heard a rumor that if you get all your characters to Level 99(Or 100…whatever the maximum is, I’m not sure), and fufil certain conditions (One of which is supposedly Finding out Garnet’s real name) you get a bonus FMV in the ending.

Any truth to this?

Well you DO get a longer ending if you do something (I forget how) in FF9.

I’ve never heard this one before. Now I’m annoyed that my characters were on Level 90 when I decided to complete the game. Maybe I’ll play through it again sometime and see.

You get a slightly altered ending if you end it with the item Hammer, and possibly Save the Queen.

I’m not sure if what you heard is true or not, Cid will probably know.

If you find Cinna’s Hammer (I forget where it was) then the ending has 1 extra scene. The extra scene is part of the play, my canary (or whatever its called).

There are no bonus FMVs (I have a program that lets you view FMVs and there’s none that I haven’t seen).

As has been noted, having Save The Queen and Hammer will result in extended scenes during the play in the ending, but there are no bonus FMVs.

Many thanks, Cid.

Bah. I expected more of a secret, the effort it took me to get those damned coins (I wasn’t an RPGC visitor then). I spent days searching the entire gameworld for a two/three minute in-game scene. I hated Squaresoft at that second. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you know that you can name Zidane, Kuja ? Or, you can name Dagger, Garnet, and it looks really weird. Next time i play FF8, i am going to name Squall, Seifer.

One time in FF6 I named everyone Kefka. It was hilarious. 8p Someone also once recommended naming Cloud “Calvin” and Red XIII “Hobbes”. :sunglasses:

The only game that actually has restrictions on character naming is Chrono Cross - you can’t name Serge “Crono”.

I should try that Cidolfas. It would be most amusing.

GG, don’t you know about how to see Dagger’s real name?

First, go to Eiko’s kitchen with Zidane, Steiner, Dagger and Eiko in your party, and you will see Lani, who will quickly flee. Leave Madain Sari, then enter again with Zidane, Quina, Steiner and Vivi in your party. Go again to the kitchen and this time Lani will stay. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you something about carvings in the treasure chest in Eiko’s room. Investigate the treasure chest in that room, and read the writings. The writings mention going clockwise and counter clockwise 9 times.

Now, go to the Eidolon Wall and rotate clockwise (to the right) until you reach the door you came through. You should hear a “chime” sound. Now, walk counter clockwise around the room until you hear the same sound. Repeat this 9 times and you will be healed fully. Also, you will now be able to see writings on all kinds of parts on the wall. One of these writings tells of Garnet’s past and her real name.

It’s Sarah, as in Princess Sarah from Final Fantasy 1 and 3j. “Sara” means “princess” in Hebrew, I think.