Healthy Eating!

Hi All,

I’ve been curious lately about healthy eating! Is really all it’s hyped up to be? Is there really such thing as “healthy” food? …or is it just some concept introduced by the media to appeal to the entire market! (a marketing gimmick)

I for one love, and I mean… absolutely love fast food! …and yes, I’ve heard it’s not good for you, everything’s dipped in barrels of oil before served, their chicken ain’t really chicken, etc etc… but it never really bothered me! I just love the taste (yes, I’ve also heard if it tastes good… chances are it ain’t good!) But, all these ideals that have been hammered into us throughout our upbringing; are they for real?

Here’s the burger I eat for lunch at least 3 times a week for the past month and a bit! xP

Ultimate Double Whopper! (believe me…it’s big!!!)

I’m not sure what to think! Please discuss, I’m curious top see hear what you all think! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fast food isn’t magically worse for you than other food with similar properties. That said, if you eat a double burger slathered in bacon in mayonnaise, that isn’t going to be great for you if it’s prepared by yourself or by Burger King.

The ultimate double whopper has sixty five grams of fat. It has twenty four grams of saturated fat. That’s 100% your DV and 120% your DV respectively. So no, it’s not great that you eat this three times a week.

You’re a teenager. Of course you don’t feel the effects of this right now. If you get used to a diet like this and still do this into your 40’s, I’ll expect to see you in the cardiac care unit by the time you’re 60.

Yeah I completely agree with you guys! It’s definitely not a good idea to maintain this kind of diet in the long run. I guess it’s all about maintaining a balance…

Everything you do is going to kill you eventually. Enjoy the burgers while you can.

You literally defined my perspective on life!

I am reading this at 6am in the morning as I eat a cold greasy pizza for breakfast.

In my opinion healthy eating is great or something…but really just follow the rule of everything in moderation. Over exercising, over stressing about your calories and over moderation of your diet can be just as unhealthy as drink a 12 pack of mtn dew daily and eating 5 cans of pringles.

Eating a burger a few times a week isn’t bad for you as long as you are active and eat some veggies and fruits daily. As others have said previously as you get older you really don’t wanna eat a double whopper that often. Just find what works for you and exercise at least 3-4 times a week by taking walks or jogging. Or turn into a total health nut and make everyone around you hate you because of how guilty you make eating candy feel :frowning:

why did you hide something in a period

Healthy food makes you nauseous, as far as I’m concerned.

i’ve been eating between two and three pounds of chex mix bold party blend a day for the last month or so. i’ve lost a lot of weight



Any serious examination of the phrase “everything in moderation” is complete horseshit. Can you shoot heroin in moderation? Is it okay just to have a little cyanide? Maybe we should fuck kittens in moderation, too. I’ll admit that’s taking it to an extreme, and it’s dangerously close to a logical fallacy. The only thing we’re talking about is whether we can eat shitty foods in moderation and not end up dead early.

Newsflash: It isn’t just the caloric content of what you eat, but the quality of the foods you eat. If you eat nothing but Burger King and Hungry Man dinners you’ll be unhealthy whether or not you eat the correct amount of calories each day just from eating too much fucking salt.

I’m not saying whether or not you should give a shit or not, though. A century from now we’ll all be dead. Most of us will die from cardiac arrest or Cancer anyway. I’m sure you can’t wait.

Everything in moderation, including moderation. That means the phrase says you can actually indulge all the time. Because you’re taking moderation in moderation.

Really eating healthy is a daily commitment. Much like staying sober or building an exercise habit you have to think about it and work on it every day. It’s pretty easy to eat fast food, just like it’s pretty easy to go to a hospital and have them open your chest cavity whilst removing an vein from your leg to use as an artery on your heart.

Eat whole grains. Eat fruits and veggies. Eat fast food three times a month instead of three times a week. Drink lots of water, less sugary sodas and juices. Run for thirty minutes three times a week and enjoy the benefits. By the way, the home cooked burger option is a home run, it’s really not that bad for you. Looking at his picture, this kid likes vegetables just fine, and cooking it at home helps you control how much grease/oil is used and how big the serving size is. It’s a fine option, and every man should own a grill. You live in Australia for fucks sake.

Many people would consider me a “Tremendomeatatarian”, which was a word invented by dinosaur comics to describe someone who only ate meat that was delicious. That doesn’t describe me.

I don’t eat vegetables, never have.

The only exceptions, if you can really consider them exceptions, are salsa (which I maybe eat once a year, and I don’t eat the chunky parts, just dip the chip in it to get it spicy) and the Curly Fries from Arbys (they aren’t vegetables, they’re in their own food group).

I’m surprisingly healthy despite this fact! I have maintained this diet since I was born, despite my poor parents’ best efforts. I am 6 feet and 3 inches tall, about 175 pounds, and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Why don’t I eat veggies? I don’t look at them as food, in the classical sense. They don’t appear to be food to me, however I joke and say that I don’t eat them on the grounds that they can’t fight back if I attack them, therefore it’s unfair to eat them, as opposed to a cow, which is actually about 4 times bigger than the average adult male homo-sapien. Also, fruits are generally evolved delicious for procreative purposes, ie. an apple is eaten by a horse, shat by said horse, and a new tree grows where the turd falls. This means that, since you play a vital role in the process of allowing the plant to continue it’s life, it’s okay. However, if you eat a carrot, that carrot is dead. Forever. Not cool.

But the REAL reason is because they’re gross.

So ask me about my bizarro diet.

My shits are fine, I mean, they’re not often exactly half the length of my fore-arm and perfectly smooth, but they’re hardly tiny-turds, or diarrhetic.

As I said before, sweetness also makes me vomit, just like the bitterness of vegetables does, so no, I do not eat candy.

Well, OK, exception: I can eat dark chocolate. Sometimes I’ll eat a small piece of dark chocolate after a meal. But milk chocolate is disgusting because it’s too sweet. And I definitely cannot drink coffee- it’s far too bitter.

And I can’t drink any kind of cola at all because it’s far too sweet.

I DO like Sprite. Also lemonade, because it seems more sour than sweet. Those two things are the only things I can drink besides water. Mostly I just drink tons of water. And I can’t stand tap water, it has to be filtered, or bottled water that has been filtered.

This is a list of pretty much any meal I eat ever:

  • Steak and a baked potato with cheese and sour cream
  • cheeseburger with ONLY ketchup and mayo and potato chips
  • broiled fish (either whitefish or tilapia, no other kind) and clam chowder
  • fried chicken and jojos with ranch dressing
  • kung pao chicken and steamed white rice
  • beef and cheese burrito and tortilla chips and salsa
  • spicy chicken sandwich with cheese and mayo on it and potato chips
  • hamburger helper (classic) and potato chips
  • tuna helper (classic) and potato chips
  • buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce
  • cheese ravioli with marinara sauce and garlic bread

And yeah that is pretty much all I eat ever at any time. It’s not even like it’s fun or anything. I’ve been eating the same stuff for so many years that I’m really, really sick of it, but I literally cannot stomach eating anything else, and believe me I have tried.

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