Head Crab Plushie from Valve


I am now waiting for the Barnacle celing fan. :smiley:

I remember seeing a site with instructions for making your own headcrab plushie, a little while back. This one’s got FANGS, though. :o

The 984 plushie is still better.

PLUSHIE! :open_mouth:

The site for the headcrab plushie kit, etc. is http://www.3d2toy.com, btw.

What a coincidence. I was planning on being an HL zombie for Halloween! Too bad this only fits over your pet’s head.

screams like a friggin school girl I want one; its adorable!!!

I am so getting my own Heady.


I’ll buy twenty then stick them on my friends pets while there not looking.

Hahahahaha. Awesome.

I really want one o’ these.

Ah, thanks Trill. Not much for making plushies myself, but these are pretty cool. I totally think you should submit your Gordon plushie there. :smiley:


Wow. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.