He-Man and the... Mastercard of the Universe!?

My childhood, my childhood!! :bowser: (note: it’s in Spanish.)

Jesus, what are the people who make ads smoking these days!?

(Gotta admit, He-Man felt a lot less gay when I was a kid.) :hahaha;

Bonus: the song your hear is a parody to the Spanish theme of the show, that actually had lyrics! You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae2No7bprmY&feature=related

You’re around 40 years old (older?). He-Man debuted in 1983. You would’ve been around 15 at the youngest. That’s not exactly childhood. I don’t exactly consider shows like Digimon my childhood.

Nor do I consider the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mine.

I hate when they say “jajajaja” instead of “hahahaha”. That really gets to me. You have an “h” too! And you would sound like The Count if you used it!

In Spanish (in its various incarnations), the J is pronounced like an H is in English. For example, “Javier” is pronounced “Ha-v/bier” (the V is pronounced as a soft B would in English), and “Fajitas” is pronounced “Fa-he-tas”. Then again, if they’re German, “Ja” means “Yes”.

Ja, ja, ja.

Agreed with 984. If I was 15 when He Man came out I would’ve felt the show gay as fuck (and not just in a homosexsual way). That you still watch the cartoons you do at 40 disturbs me a little, but that’s another issue and it’s not my business.

As for the ad, it was fucking epic and the highlight of my morning. If there was a He Man credit card I would get one without a second thought.

This one’s from Argentina actually, so yeah, sorry for that.

I know, I was just being a 'mericunt.

Right, cuz Anime are totally not cartoons, right? :hahaha;

Oh and the whole “my childhood!” thing is what people always post when they make threads like this, true or not. It’s funny.

As for the ad, it was fucking epic and the highlight of my morning. If there was a He Man credit card I would get one without a second thought.

Glad you enjoyed the link, that was the idea.

That commercial’s gold and everyone knows it! …whether they admit it or not. :hahaha;

I’ve always thought that their was a difference… because anime are also for adults as well, but I guess that makes them adult cartoons.

Animation covers a great range on both sides of the world, Helios. Most people think that ours is cartoonish and Japan’s is superior, but the truth is that there’s a great diversity (everything from utterly infantile shows to stuff that would give grown people nightmares) on both sides of the globe. Japan’s just get better publicity because they are more respected there (unless you’re an obsessed Otaku that is) and envied on this side for their quality; while here anything animated is labeled “cartoon” no matter how sophisticated it is. Just try pointing out that “Avatar” qualifies as an animated movie (since most of its is CGI) and watch the sparks fly.

First of all, anime is just animation from Japan. Some is made for older people just like some is made for younger people.

Second of all, there is no set age limit for watching any cartoons. You guys should hassle Wilf less about watching cartoons. I know he is a bit of an odd ball I wouldn’t say watching cartoons helps define that.

Also, there are adult cartoons in North America too.

This was some sort of forum service announcement brought to you by the letter T.

I for one wasn’t hassling him about watching cartoons. I know I still do. I was just saying that a show that came out when you’re around 15 years old can’t be considered your childhood.

I don’t know how old you are, but when I am 40 I will probably consider 5-21 to be my childhood. It’s all downhill after 21…

I didn’t mean to offend Wilf, I personally love a lot of anime and cartoons (like Avatar TLA… which I still watch over and over again! :slight_smile: ) I was just curious as to the difference that’s all, I’m always hassled as to why I still watch “cartoons” but it doesn’t bother me much, I relate more to them then I do to real shows. I too agree with you Gila, that “cartoons have no age limit.” I’m watching it now and I’m sure I’ll still be watching in 5-10 years time no doubt! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, GSG, I don’t know about it being downhill after 21… I think your still young through the 30s perhaps even into the 40s! The way I see it, it’s not a physical thing… your old when you force your mind to think like that! Until then, your forever young!!! (well that’s my opinion :slight_smile: )

Helios: Gila was responding to DR’s comments, not yours. And I’m not offended by anything said above; of course I’m “odd”, in the “I’m a Nerd and Proud of it!” sense. Besides forums like this are precisely for people who love to talk about games and cartoons in the first place. :wink:

Nah man, my android body is set to expire when I turn 21, and my parents recently made some bad financial decisions leading to the death of my mechanic. No one to swap out my brain, you know.

Oh, alright… I thought my comments may have been misunderstood (I am known to badly word things, lol!) Anyway, bottom line… cartoons are (and always will be) cool!


Rocko’s Modern Life is still one of the best teevee shows ever, period.