HDTVs and Video Games

I had actually made this thread the other day, but the boards seemed to have deleted it, so… [edit… now that thread is suddenly back… and after I searched the archives for it and everything… I guess a mod can delete that older thread now… '-_-]

If you have or are planning to buy an HDTV, please pay attention to the following link:


It seems that all HDTVs have a momentary lag when upconverting 480i picture (standard televsion) to a native resolution of the set (at least 480p, possibly 720p). While this is completely unnoticable in most games (the worst offenders, Samsung DLPs [like mine… >_<], only produce 1/4 second of lag), in rhythm games (like DDR, Amplitude, or Guitar Hero), it causes a significant problem because you can’t hit things correctly (I also found this problem in Paper Mario). The FAQ author lists a possible solution in buying a VGA converter, but I certainly don’t want to have to buy MORE hardware when I already bought my giant TV…

Just warning everyone in advance.

Wow, for the first time, I think I’m actually glad i don’t have an HDTV. Thanks for the warning, Sat.

So, we should keep our old TVs just in case, huh?
I need all the help I can get with the electronics shopping - I’m sort of behind the times with the plasma/LCD/DLP/HD whatever stuffs.

Makes me glad that the HDTV I have is really just a computer monitor w/ HDTV ports and ability. If I run into crap like this, I’ll just either plug the system into the VGA port and run in SD mode, or even better just plug it into my normal ol’ TV (which my current systems are set up too).