HD loader, Interessting Idea


Now I might consider buying a HD for my PS2, so I can just borrow games and then install them.

Piracy has never been easier!

“A small number of games are not compatible with HD Loader, such as Resident Evil Outbreak, MX 2002, Peter Pan and Ratchet & Clank.”

Dear God what will I do without Peter Pan? . . . Oh yeah throw a PARTY!

Wait a minute… this is coming out? The HD that reduces load times? I’m getting one; I’ve heard it cuts the load times for Alter Code F to nearly nothing, and changes the overworld music to the classic WA1 version! It works pretty well with Xenosaga, too. 8)

Hmm…interesting. I’d want to see it in action before getting one, though.

40 gig HD, games that span several DVDs… yeah, that’ll be nice.

The reintroduction of the FMV Adventure Game! :open_mouth: