Hayao Miyazaki...

… has created the best anime movies I’ve ever seen! I’ve only seen two of his movies so far, although I do plan on seeing the rest of them… and it’s just spectacular! Spirited Away is now my favorite movie of all time and Kiki’s Delivery Service was pretty good too. I can’t wait to see what else he’ll come up with in the years to come.

My teacher was going to show us Spirited Away but I think I heard about him. Give me a day to look in one of my books to see if he’s who I’m thinking about.

You should definitely see Princess Mononoke. It’s pretty unbelievable, and it has actual Hollywood voice actors, too. :sunglasses:

I plan on seeing it as soon as I can. I’ve heard from everyone that I’ve talked to online that it’s a really good movie.

Miyazaki has been doing great animated movies for a long time now. His stuff is not only well-animated, he seems to have a philosophy of “people aren’t really that bad” combined with a sensitivity for a need to coexist with nature. My favorite is “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”. Note that he can do variations on his themes; Mononoke is darker than usual for him, and Castle of Cagliostro (I believe) starring that naughty thief Lupin the 3rd, was very humorous.

How to spot Miyazaki Anime: there is ALWAYs a female character resembling Nausicaa in every one of them!

(Btw, I believe the Anime Series CONAN THE FUTURE BOY was also by him. Same themes, Nausicaa-lookalike… anyone can confirm this?)

Well i only saw three of his movies (Spirited Away,Kiki’s Delivery Service,and Castle in the Sky) and there wonderfull.I still need to see Princess Mononoke wich is a friends favorite movie of all time,But Miyasaki’s movies are excelent.

Recently i heard his working on another movie but forgot the name it was something along the lines of The Moving Castle of something,cant remember

Wilfredo, you are correct he did do work on Future Boy Conan.

A brief select flimography for Mr. Miyazaki from the December 2002 Animerica magazine:
"Panda, Go Panda!(1972)
Original story, Screenplay, Design, Layouts, Key Animation

Future Boy Conan(1978)
Director, Character Designer, Mecha Designer, Continuity, Storyboards

Castle of Cagliostro(1979) Director, Screenplay, Continuity

Nausiaa of the Valley of Wind(1984) Director, Screenplay, Continuity

Sherlock Hound(1984-85) Director, Screenplay

Castle in the Sky Laputa(1986) Original Story, Director, Screenplay

My Neighbor Totoro(1988) Original Story, Director, Screenplay

Kiki’s Delivery Service(1989) Producer, Director, Screenplay

Princess Mononoke(1997) Director, Screenplay"
Other mentions of his work include “…and the Miyazuki-created climax in Toei’s Puss in Boots.” Also Studio Ghibili’s Whisper of the Heart, he scripted.
I can give more info like the descriptions of some of the work he did that i listed, just ask. Or any other information listed in the magazines, ask as well =)

Anime Insider magazine of August 2003 also has an article about him listing all the animes the Animerica did, except Go, Panda Go!, and well Spirited Away, though came out in 2001. Animerica’s article was mostly on Spirited Away anyhow. Anime Insider also lists other works as “On staff for Little Norse Prince, Ali Baba’s Revenge, Puss in Boots, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables; producer on Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday.”
“First Professional work: Watchdog Bow Wow(1963) for Toei Animation”
“Number of times He’s Retired: Five: From tv(1978), From adaptions(1989), From animation(1998), For real this time, I swear(2001)”

Article from Anime Insider
“The Last ‘Castle’” Miyazuki Returns from Retirement…Again
Ready to quit while he was ahead on Spirited Away, Miyazuki annouced that he was retiring for real from active production, and leaving Ghibili in the hands of the younger generation. For the company’s next project, he wanted to take a backseat on Howl’s Moving Castle, an adaption of a book by British author Diana Wynne Jones that Ghibli had optioned in 2000.
The original story is about Sophie, who is stuck running a hat-shop while her step-sisters go off to have fun. Transformed into an old woman by a vengeful sorceress, Solphie seeks the help of Calcifer, a demon imprisoned in the hearth of a flying castle. He agrees to free ger from her curse if she will release him from his prison, so she takes a job at the castle as a housekeeper for Howl, the castle’s insufferable wizard owner.
But Mamoru Hosoda, he former Digimon director hired to helm Howl, eventually quit himself in 2001 after failing to “satisfy” the bosses at Ghibli. Howl was shelved…until Miyazuki rolled up his sleeves to do it himself. As the script is already written by Street Fighter IIV’s Reiko Yoshida, this will be the first time Miyazuki directs a movie that he didn’t also write…unless he decides to change that, too.
At 63 years old(Date of birth: January 5th, 1941 in Tokyo, Japan if you wanted to know), he’s not ready to retire just yet. "

Roger Ebert interviewed him after Princess Mononoke was finished. He’s a huge fan. :sunglasses:

Heh, he’s the only anime movie director I know…(make that the only director I know).
Yup, Pappy, his works are damn good. Try to see My neighbor Totoro; it’s a pretty nice one, just not really on the same scale as Spirited Away.

You forgot to mention that the sub is still infinitely better than the dub :stuck_out_tongue: The only exception being Minnie Driver, I think her name was. Her dub of Lady Eboshi was slightly better than the Japanese VA.

And I own Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Castle in the Sky all on DVD, and they’re all great.

My Neighbor Totoro = Absolutely amazing.

It needed no action to make it so… spectacular.

Is that interview posted anywhere in the Net, Cid? I’d love to read it.

Gunsmoke: Thank you.

I have to watch Mononoke at least once a month, I love that movie…I guess I should go buy the DVD huh?

Nausicaa is my favorite of his, i’m buying the new release of the manga as its released, and its better than the movie. (Which is saying a ton, cause that movie was amazing)

He has some major talent, thats for sure. I can’t wait to see his next movie, something about a wailing castle.

I need to get ahold of some of his other works, as of now i’ve only seen about 4 of his movies (Nausicaa, princess mononoke, spirited away, and “the cat returns” has his name on it, even though he had very little to do with it)

I’m glad that disney got the license for his stuff, i’m eagerly awaiting the disney dub for nausicaa and porco rosso, another one of his that i really want to see.

Anyone seen Porco Rosso? Literal translation is Crimson Pig. It’s my fav.

Porco Rosso, if you don’t know, is about a seaplane pilot in the Black sea [?] during the 1920s. He, for some reason, is a pig. It was called Hayao’s most mature work [as in it mainly appealed to adults to reminise about their own youth].

No, I haven’t seen that… or even heard of it until now… but, it sounds… interesting.

:slight_smile: I did see Princess Mononoke awhile back and I just got to see Castle in the Sky a couple days ago. Two more great movies!

I’m sure you’ll find some info on it with a decent search. I loved it.

Porco Rosso is my favourite!

Thanks to China illigal copy, I got all his anime without paying too much.

I saw Mononoke a while back, and Spirited Away soon after (Go TD!), and I actually enjoyed them, even though I thought I wasn’t going to (I usually hate family movies. Blame Disney). I’m gonna download the Nausica manga later probably.