Hay guys

Yeah guess what.

<a href=“http://stevesherrick.no-ip.info/”>I made a new music video.</a>

(It’s the bottom link. You need bit torrent capabilities. Also, the tracker sucks, so keep trying to connect to it.)

That was good man. Very good.

Yeah cro. Seed it, my internet is dying so badly.

yeah… my internet’s going up and down faster than TD’s mom on TD.

Edit: i also ask that anyone done downloading seed it also.

Wow, very surprisely it didn’t suck much at all. I usually don’t even like rockesque music, though the voice wasn’t perfect and there were some annoying kid noises or something in the background. Interesting you had it kind of sequential instead of random. Nice job, thanks Steve.

What are the song’s titles you used?

Oh you should watch it only if you’ve seen all of the series.

Found that out the hard way. Damn you, Steve. >=(

The songs were by coheed and cambria

Always and Never and The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut

It doesn’t work :frowning:

Gonna need more than “doesn’t work”
If you can’t connect to the tracker, then I dunno… I’m seeding it, as are 2-3 other people.

EDIT: Uh freaky. It started working just now o.O

I’ll be seeding for this night, at least. Happy down-getting it.