This cancellation came out of NOWHERE
Hahahha, there’s no ice on the roads, and the fog is almost dissipated.

Wee, now I know which highschool to bomb :smiley:

That’s nice Xelo, now run along and attempt to be funny elsewhere :smiley:

Why does it matter, Steve? I’ve lately been seeing you active in the chat when you should be in school. I think you’re the new Hades. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve been active in the early morning because i’ve not had to go to school until 10:00 or so because of OGT testing the sophomores are taking. 3 hours of dead time for the rest of us.

Um … “There are no delays or closings currently being reported.” Yeah, lucky you, I guess.

In Norway the kids would have to risk drowning in snow before the schools got locked up!

We got a quick winter storm here in Buffalo on Tuesday. My college broadcasted that they cancelled evening classes on a local television station but I never saw it. I had a class at 6:00 but I got an e-mail from my professor saying “If your in class, go home, see you in two weeks.” Next week is Spring Break for me.

Living in the desert means there’s a higher chance of the school burning to the ground than getting a day off due to the weather. =P