Having trouble finding the right manga

I’m having a bit of a issue right now, I can’t seem to find any manga books that are the type I’m interested in reading. I like fantasy, some si-fi, comedy, and something that contains murder and blood(Im pretty twisted).I really like the manga in the Shojo Beat mags, but the stories are pretty lame. It’s all about romance and girly-girl stuff. I have always told myself to buy one just too see if there is anything good, but nope. I could of today, but I had to buy the Sj mag because it had a breif history on RPG’s and it had a free Yugi-poo card inside(it’s very rare ^_^) but anyways…I have only bought .Hack// Legend of the Twilight and about 6 Sj mags. The .Hack manga I was really pleased with, I enjoyed it very much. It was about fantasy and a RPG game so that was excellent. But the Sj mags are good and all, but I only buy them for Naruto and Hikaru No-Go. I know that they have a few more .Hack volumes out, but the book stores I go to only carry the first one.

Well from what I like can anyone recommend me any manga books? Also some shops(In Canada) that carry a massive load that I could take a browse through.
This will help alot


It’s set in a world that draws significantly from D&D, like spells can only be used a certain number of times per day, the creatures look like they’re taken straight from the monster manual (although the beholder is called a beheader), and character descriptions include a typical D&D alignment. Also, the names for cities and magic spells are rock bands like Megadeath, Judas Priest, Guns N Roses, and so on.
The initial premise is fairly straight forward: the armies of evil are preparing to crush Metallicana and 3 neighboring cities that hold the seals preventing a giant demon god from awakening. The twist is that the last hope for defeating the armies of evil is the same evil sorceror who led the armies against the city 10 years ago but now has his soul contained in the body of a 10 year old boy.

The manga doesn’t really take itself too seriously and frequently mocks the typical shonen stereotypes. There’s plenty of blood and violence and sex. I know you didn’t ask for sex, but I have to mention it because the “hero” is such a man-slut and defeats most female opponents by seducing and sleeping with them.

Record of Lodoss War?

Well actually…I wouldn’t mind any sex. But now I just bought a manga novel called DearS, it’s a comedy and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!