Having problem getting out of the caverns in Star Ocean 3.

I need help with the direction should I use to find the exit from the caverns.


Which cave are you referring to?

Kiralsa caverns sorry about that

Again, I’ve never played before, but let me see if I can help you out.

First of all, defeat the earth boss. I’m assuming you’ve done that. Are you at the part where you have to “drive” the monster through the mine shaft?

I already beat the earth boss and I’m at where you have to drive the monster in the mineshaft.

I think you have to turn in the following order - Left, Right, Left, Left,
Left. And I know at the beginning you have to choose a “Torokku” to use. The one to use is the Steady one. Keep your speed around 25MPH, and slow down when the boulder warning appears.

Try this out, but your best bet is to wait for someone else to answer, because I have no idea.

Ok thanks I’ll try that.