Having fun is fun!

Actually, what I meant to say is that skiing is fun. This winter I’ve been in lovely Sun Valley, Idaho, where the chicks are fake (but hot!) and the snow is really awesome (and the girls on it are HOT!). I went with my dad, sister, and my dad’s g/f (which, btw, if she wasn’t almost my stepmom I’d totally think she was HOT!)

This is 3 sports now that I actually enjoy. Who would have thought?

Did anyone notice that I stopped posting on the forums regularly about the time I got my LJ? Well, I guess I mostly talk about myself here anyway, and I lost interest when I had another outlet for it. But now the faces are new, the jokes that everyone’s sick of already haven’t yet devirginized my eyes, and I’ve also got my good friend alcohol to help make forums way more fun than they ever had any right to be. Consider this my comeback thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back, O Soundtrack Bloodhound. It is good to see that you have been well.


I tried skiing once. It hurt my knees too much, so then i tried snowboarding. I’ve only been snowboarding like, 4 times, but its insanely fun.

Skiing’s all good and fun if you keep your legs intact. And the bone inside. (Well, not me, but my sister failed to do that).

Welcome back Kero ^^
Never been skiing, in fact I’ve only seen snow a couple of times in my life, and it definetly wasn’t fit for skiing or even building snowmen.

I’ve skiied a lot when I was in highschool and a couple of times in university. I’d totally forgotten what a strain it puts on your leg muscles until halfway through the day when they started getting tired halyway down the slope. Even a possible face plant couldn’t spoil my fun , so I kept forcing my legs to work the rest of the day.

They hurt like hell the next day, but it was a good pain.

Skiing can be great if you can afford it, all the equipment, lift fees, and lodging can be a bitch though.

Meh, skiing! I hate skiing, and my bum must hate it even more.

Both skiing and snowboarding are really fun. I suck at them though :frowning:

Having fun is not fun!

I like snowboarding, never did it though…

Great to hear all of that Kero. So many great views you describe out there. Ah yes, where would we be without our good friend alcohol?

Probably living in space. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am the Angel of Death. The time of judgement is at hand. Cocks shotgun. Hehhehheh. Eyetwitch.


guh, I’ve actually never skiied before. It’s pricey and now that I’ve been to a university featuring people from wealthier backgrounds I’ve developed a prejudice against the ski crowd.

btw, Infonick, do you mind resizing that signature pic? It’s a little tall.

I would, but I got no place to host it (resize and then upload it) so I just link directly. I’ll try to find a smaller one though.

nulani runs an image hosting service.

Is the new one good?

aye aye captain!