Have you ever...

…had the urge to carve your boss’ still beating heart out of his chest and stomp on it? Have you ever wanted to revel in the blood afterwards in front of a mob of customers?

Happy holidays!

Yes, yes I have.

My boss? No. Other people, yes.

No, actually. I haven’t! :slight_smile:

No, I need my job and my freedom.

Nah, not my boss’ heart and blood. Another customer (as an example to the rest)? Absolutely.

I don’t advocate actually DOING this, of course, but thinking about it is a normal side-effect of working retail in America, especially around this time of year. Try to take it easy, my fellow retail warriors.

“Merry” Christmas. :\

No, but I have danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.

It’s come across my mind before, when I was working atleast.

I’ve had that urge with a lot of people, employer, employee and customer alike. Out of the 6 bosses my (former!) shop has had in the past ten months, I’d say I’ve had that urge with probably 3 of them and at least two temporary supervisors.

Multiple times. Let’s see if I remember when

Dec 23, 24, 26 2003
Dec 23, 25, 26 2004.

No, and you should probably see a therapist if you’re having urges to remove people’s organs.

Edit: Unless you’re a doctor.

Not my boss’, no.

Or buy Trauma Center: Under the Knife!

I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

When you hear that whistle blowin, do you hang your head and cry?

Not my boss. One or two people.

Now just one.

No, I don’t even have a boss.

My boss gave me a christmas card, on the inside it said “Thank for effort Matt” with a twenty inside.

It was the best christmas card I had ever gotten.

My boss gave me a Christmas Card with a lotto ticket inside… he’d already scratched everything off, though. Needless to say, it’s not a winner.

hahahah!!! holy shit, that sucks, man. What a sick joke! “merry christmas, Ken. here, have this lotto ticket that I already scratched… I didn’t win anything so I figured you’d like it. :)”