Have you ever noticed...

I’m the relative that only shows up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Talks about college and his non-degree job, eats holiday food, watches people, then leaves.

The Irish cop next door.

Hey I can be the same in both sitcoms!

The Chat Sitcom Family is so much better, Oh Wife of Mine.

I’m married to Sin now? Last I remember, Val was Zero’s and my spawn. Oh wait, this means I’m either cheating or divorced, donnit? Ah, drat. I hate dramaz.

Or in a relationship no lawyer would touch with a 10 foot pole.

Damn straight, dad.

I have no idea where I fit in all this. I’m just here.

but you’re never in the chat :<

This thread is rapidly turning into a[STRIKE]n episode of Desperate Housewives[/STRIKE] day time soap.

I guess that makes me somebody’s evil twin.

All we need now is someone with amnesia and someone that every though was dead, but actually wasn’t.

I think we’re just never in the chat at the same times.

I concur, but that’s only because I never seem to see Cless in the chat. :smiley:

Chat Family Rules! :scooby:

Oh yeah? Well I say OUR family rules more!!

(…Of course, since I’m never in the Chat, I wouldn’t really know.)

STILL! GO RPGC FAMILY!!! :biggrin:

Can I be uncle Pauly? I just think that I fit the role pretty well.

Perhaps mine.

seeing my last comment - thats probably me (hence why im in the background and turn out to be the british half-brother)

I’m a convertible Corvette.

edit: But why don’t newbies stick? Other than convertible Corvettes, of course.

(I get the image in my head that that would make me some strange person that hang around in the basement and nobody is exactly sure who I’m actually related to and in what way. :wink:
And I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m that creepy guy in the bushes nobody really notices.

I’m the 'lil sister that draws stuff to hang on the fridge. :3