Have you ever noticed...

That we hardly have any newbies stick around for more than a few months. And the people that frequent this forum are the same as nearly a decade ago? I’d say we’re less of an internet forum, and more of an internet family. I love you guys.

I’m not sure I would call us a “family” but I certainly feel I’ve come to know many you as well if not better than some of my personal acquaintances. Plus, of all the forums I hang around, this is the one that feels the most like “home.” :slight_smile:

I’ve been here over a year =D Nearly two.

whoaaa, slow your role, noob

Yeah, ditto on the family thing.

I’m seriously down for a meet-up when I get the fundage up.

I guess we’re a family and all that. Except for like… the blood relation part. So sex is perfectly fine between us all! Rejoice.

I would love a meetup in the eastern coast… but these things generally seem to fall through.

Charle: Awww. :3

If we’re a family, then I guess Sinistral is the Utterly Stern Dad :fungah:, Weiila is the Loving Mom :kissy:, Nulani is the Scary Grandma :too bad:, Charle is the Lovable Brat :hyperven:, and I’m the Weird Uncle :hahaha;.

Which role do I fit into in that family, then? ;D

The skulking terror :mwahaha:


What other Scary family member archetype is there? The Mother-In-Law? :smiley:

PS: Come choose your family role, everybody! :slight_smile:

And just like every family, there are people you would bury in the backyard- just let the dirt shower over you!


I see that the Forum Sitcom Family is WAY different from the Chat Sitcom Family.

I quote Trilly - Awwww. :smiley:

I’ve only been here since 2005. I feel like such a newb.

Then again, I don’t post anyway so I guess I should feel like that.

Dibs as the eccentric cousin!::dekar!::

Can I be the new cute little sister/cousin they bring in when the show’s about to jump the shark and the original kids are all grown up?

That uncle guy that’s around and generally helpful when needed, but otherwise not really that present anymore.

The distant cousin from Canada that nobody really knows about.

I’m fairly new - how about the guy who always seems to be in the background who says
little unless he thinks his comments are relevant. (theres one in every family!!!)
that you discover is your half-brother from britain and speaks in a refined british accent.