Have You Ever Felt...

…that there was a point in your life when you just didn’t know what was going on anymore? I’m a very dissatisfied semi-agnostic person going through a search for meaning, and boy oh boy is that fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, I’ve looked at Wicca, Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism and even Satanism and fifty million other isms and I have found major problems with each of them. It’s driving me insane, to tell you the truth. I find truth in just about every religion or philosophy that I have explored, but none of them seem to have THE truth. I wish there would be something that would increase my knowledge on the subject, rather than constantly searching religion sites and such. I BELIEVE that there is some form of God and/or Gods out there, but I’m not sure how to reach them. I hope that I don’t sound completely silly or ridiculous, I know that many of you are atheists and think that I’m worrying over nothing. The way I see it, however, is that this is my immortal soul (which you don’t believe exists :-P) at stake. Am I going to go to Hell? Be reincarnated as a slug? Or worse… be completely obliviated at death (that fucking scares me, actually)? It really does worry me. I’m sorry, I’ll stop rambling, and I’ll let you all help and/or make fun of me. :stuck_out_tongue:


But seriously, it’s good to think about this, just hard to come up with an answer.

Its good to think about these things, but I personally gave up on trying to find “the truth” in any religion/philosophies a long time ago for the same reason you stated. I’m content with believing what I believe and if its not THE truth, well, who cares? I believe it, I’m happy with it, and there’s no reason to go looking else where for it.

I assume God could really care less about people. He/she/it is probably doing more important things like creating new species of ants or something.

Ditto, only I think he’s trying to inspire someone to make perfect microwave burrito

My advice to you (and I say this without a trace of mockery) is to find a girl who is very laid-back and relaxed, who listens to a lot of classic rock, and who views life simply, straightforwardly, and without fits of existential angst. I suspect that, once you spend some time with her, this world will begin to look much more important than the next.

I can’t really offer any advice, as most of it is more specific situation-oriented advice, and otherwise not processed into voicable words, but I can say that I do not mind this, despite being atheist/agnostic myself. As in, I hold no ill towards Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, whathaveyou, nor those whom convert, so long as you don’t try to actively convert people (actively meaning, holding ‘crusades for christ’ or something), so you have my backing otherwise.

Sorry to see that the mysteries of life are giving you trouble, my friend.

I believe that so long as I am a mortal man, I shall never discover the truth; I just accept that and try to understand life as best I can. I have explored religions and philosophies as you have, but the greatest spiritual and personal progression which I have made has come from simply exploring myself and learning who I was. I also tried not to overanalyse things: I simply tried understand and feel what was there. The result is that I am not a member of any religion; I basically follow a spiritual path based on what I believe is the best path for myself. I have borrowed things from many other philosophies and religions if they suited my path and adopted them for myself.

Send me an email or something if you ever would like to talk. :cool:

Actually, that describes my girlfriend quite thoroughly except for the “relaxed” part. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want faith, just have faith in something. It can be anyone or anything. I believe in god, but I don’t believe in the practice of ANY organized religion. I don’t feel like I need to act a certain way to please him. I just believe in one. It’s simple. :stuck_out_tongue: Now, you don’t need to make it that simple, but it works. If you have trouble placing your faith in a practice that already exists? Make a new one! Someone had to make the old ones, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, even the bible wasn’t written by god himself; it was written by his disciples. So, make your own practice, as a disciple of your own god. Go forth.

two words: metal and mushrooms!

Both of those don’t relate, actually, but I’ll explain my madness…errr suggestion rather:

metal, well it’s music, man. But it’s more than that… it’s like the art side of music, performance art in general, taken to an extreme. I mean look at all those black metal bands… they’re projecting an image mixed in with their music to create an atmosphere. A feeling. What does this have to do with religion? well uh… well religion is supposed to come from a feeling, a feeling that there is something bigger out there. Actually, I have no idea where I’m going with this. next part.

mushrooms, psychadelic mushrooms to be exact, have been called “sacred” by many people. many cultures all over the world have used them for religious purposes, to talk to god, to become him, to communicate with the spirit world, all of that stuff. Many people, whether they believe in religious stuff, have encountered religious experiences on psychadelics in general. I guess what I’m saying here, is that if you truly want to find the “truth”, you might find it in the sacred fungi. But uh, you probably think all of that is gibberish, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would comment, but i dont feel like ready long things… well many long answers to one long question O.o… mainly I am just lazy… but hmmm…

I could be a huge dork and tell you to go to this one site, were you will get funny Bible thumping christans, telling you all this stuff… and you sit there and go… WTF… and freak you out… But yeah… I dont think you want to go through that one do you? If so… I will just give you the link at another time … Ta Ta

I’m going through that phase right now. And although I find SK’s words ringing very true (but I’m happy without the girl), my troubles in faith revolve around this lifetime- right now, today, tomorrow, and that sometimes leaves me unhappy. Not just the after life part.

Why do you have to be part of a religion to be happy?

You don’t. Some people just require it, though not for the whole salvation thing, if there is any. It’s just a code to live by, something that you believe is right for you. There are a million reasons why they can make someone happy…and unhappy.

It isn’t so much as believing in something or not that bothers me. It bothers me that I dont know the truth. Sure, I go to a Lutheran church, and they share their version of the truth with me, but I don’t really feel like I am a part of them. I just stand there and look at people when everyone is singing.

I just feel like I have to know, and if I finally do this when I die… It will be too late.

Just live. There’s no point in worrying about the unkown.

I try to believe in a higher force, but I’m working on that. Organized religion don’t speak to me very much, either. I do however enjoy a lot of religious songs - there are a lot of beautiful ones.
My tip? Read. I just read “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker and there’s a bit of very nice religious philosophy in that. There are a lot of books that, while not about religion as a whole, has that kind of seeker’s philosophy that’s very nice to see.

Ah, and about songs and religion, one of my favorite religious songs in Swedish goes something like this:

Belief, to me,
Is a giant oak
that lends its shadow
to seriousness and games
Belief, to me,
is the sunset
which despite everything
puts a golden lining
on the day that went wrong

I’ve found few better ideas about religion, really.

to get real You have to decide…or to do stupid things.

As an artist, I’d have to disagree.

Art is primarily aesthetic, metal is more perfunctory.

In the art world, metal would be wall posters. It lacks the finesse I’d associate with real art, it’s more there to appeal to angry kids who want a shocking but valueless image to hang on their walls.

Real art is a testament to man’s capacity for beauty. I don’t think Rammstein’s trademark giant stage phalli capture this very well.

Don’t get me wrong, there are metal bands worth their salt (Dream Theatre, Iron Maiden), but I find that much of metal is made almost solely as a cash-grab aimed at people who think underground music connoisseurship is a virtue, in other words, grade eights who can’t guage music.

And a note about black metal: If I am to believe that what I heard was indeed black metal as I was told, the only “atmosphere” it conveyed was one of “we can’t play our fucking instruments.” No offense.