Have you ever cried when playing an RPG?

I mean, when someone died in an RPG, and they were your favourite, or when something went out of whack, and your all disoriented and stuff. This can go for any game, even non-RPGs, but I’ll direct it towards RPGs.


Edit: Oh, and post the RPG, and moment, but remember to mark spoilers.

Illusion of Gaia:

Hamlet’s death

Final Fantasy III (SNES one):

Cid’s death (I know he lives sometimes)

Final Fantasy VII:

Aeris dies omg

Final Fantasy X:

The ending

Star Ocean 2:

I don’t remember exactly, but it was near endgame


Sue leaves the party (but not a death!)

Tales of Symphonia:

A few times

Suikoden series:


I’ve never cried, but I’ve gotten close (And no, I’m not trying to sound all manly saying that, I cry sometimes :frowning: )

Legend of Mana: When you have to hit the dudbears :frowning:

Lunar 2: The first ending made me really sad, until I realized that there’s about 10 more hours of gameplay after the last boss, and that makes the sad part happy again :smiley:

ther are several sad moments i remember

Leens sacrifice,

Gray Fox’ death, MGS

all the passing characters from FF4

first time i played FF7, Aeris (It’s one of the probably famous Videogame deaths)

Cid, Leo from FF6

Xenogears, when Graf sacrifices himself (not sad but i liked him)

the ending of Terranigma, say what you want, it is sad!

Oh and Bill’s death in Kill Bill vol.2 , he was such a cool guy… i wish he had killed that bitch…

(this will probably be the greatest SPOILER thread ever…)

Final Fantasy 10:The ending.

Kingdom Hearts:When Sora, and Kairi get separated supposedly forever and Kairi finds the Paopu Fruit thing on the cave wall, and she draws another hand giving one to Sora, in other words: The ending.

FF7:When Aries dies.

FFXI:I didn’t really cry, but I wasn’t to happy on the beggining of this.

I forgot to post meself. X.X

I didn’t cry, but came close.

FF4 When Yang died, but had all my good stuff on. >.<

FF4 When Cid died. He was such awesome.

FF5 When you lose control of Faris. Faris = BEST

Faris? You mean Galuf?

Cause I can’t remember losing Faris…

No, Faris. I know you lose control of Galuf, but you lose control of everyone EXCEPT Burtz after the void opens near Castle Tycoon, and Faris and Reina are sucked in.

FF4When Yang Died, he actually was my favorite character from FF4

DQ4 - I was young and got overemotional whenI had Necrosaro down to his final form change and almost dead, then he casted healmore and wiped out my entire party but the actual reason I cried was cause I broke my controller afterwards. It was a remote control NES controller sigh

If i remeber correctly Faris rescues you from the antlions cave, since she followed you before the void sucks in the castle …

It’s been a while since I last got that far… currently working my way up on it again. I’ll get back to you on what happens. I’m sure that…once the castle is engulfed into the void, Faris and Reina are IN the castle. That’s how I remember it, been 4 years.

Sorry you`re wrong I’m sure…but back to the poll…

Well, still, you DO lose control of Faris sometime in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost did in Tales of Symphonia when Colette was losing all of her human traits

Sad moments:

MGSSniper Wolf and Grey Fox’s deaths
MGS2Raiden (jk :P)
FFVIIAeris’ death
Shadow of Destiny/MemoriesEnding C

Well i did cry in

1:Lufia 2 The ending
2:Terranigma The ending
3:FFVII Aeris Death

there could be more i just can’t remember.

Like SG, I wouldn’t mind admitting to crying. However the closest I came to crying during a game was at the end of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue when Lucia leaves Hiro, apparently forever; and later, when they get back together… even thought I KNEW they’d reunite, just the emotion of their reunion got me all mushy. Damn romantic fantasies! :bowser:

I cried at the SoM ending. ; ;


SoM? Secret of Mana? Sword of Mana? Shadows over Mystara? Shellfish over Mackeral? What?

And probably the closest I ever came was Lufia 2’s ending.

The scene on Disc 3 of Final Fantasy 8 where Squall goes into space to save Rinoa. I can’t think of many scenes more beautiful than that.

In Star Ocean 2, the scene where Rena heads to the Heraldry Weapons Laboratory

On a lighter note, the loud sound that was made when you mispelled a password in Super Ninja Boy used to give me nightmares.