Hat-wearers unite.


I wear a hat. It’s a gray fedora, actually. And I’m not worried that it’s actually CH in disguise. From the abuse the hat gets, he’d have fled before.

But what I really want is a purple mexican hat, which I saw one day.

I… have a slight distaste towards hats, but a headband usually does the trick if I need to cover up in case of a sunstroke…

do bandannas count as hats?

I wear a truckstop hat

I wear a black hat every day for prayers… looks kinda like one of those mobster ones. ^^;

Cid’s a gangster? For which organization?

I got a cute little crushed brandywine velvet hat with a rose on it…nice n’ warm when it’s cold out. :slight_smile:

For Don Alfie! (Alfie’s my dog, btw)

Anyways, on the off chance I do wear a hat, it’s usually a baseball cap, just to annoy people in my school. Lol :wink: My friend and I tried to find red bandannas like Vincent’s (FF7), but to no avail…:frowning:

I’ve got a green Stargate: SG1 baseball cap.

How long I’ll continue to wear it depends on how fast my hair grows, though…

I have a black beret I wear in the winter and a khaki fisherman hat for when it’s rainy. I also love to take my boyfriend’s black toboggan (the hat, not the sled) and wear that, since he says I look cuter and better in it than he does, lol.

Originally posted by Sinistral
do bandannas count as hats?

When they’re green, yes.

And Cid, a gangster? Ha!

I have a black and green hat which I wear whenever I’m playing tennis so the sun never gets in my eyes.

One of these days I’m going to take a photo of my hat collection. Anyway, yes I do wear a hat. It doesnt look like anything anymore because I’ve been wearing it every day for over three years now. It’s been bent out of shape and all color has been leached from it. And Iga, that guy you wear sounds familiar, is he named Steve?

I have several hats, including caps, a headband, a bandanna, and a wooly hat for the winter, but I hardly ever where them lately.

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”>I’ll waer a Big Black hat…But i don’t use them^^

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I have a lot of hair, it pretty much functions like a shield against sun, rain, thunder, bullets, chairs and twigs. Pretty neat.

I got a lot of hats, from pretty and modest to gaudy and attention whore-y. My personal favorite’s my carmen Miranda Fruit Hat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wear bandana’s, a guy’s ballcap backwards and a fisherman’s hat sometimes in the summer…I love hats :smiley:

I wear a cover every work day it is camoflague with an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the front center with an octagonal top.:slight_smile:

CH : I dunno, I never asked him, especially since I have that other hat…maybe I’ll have a baby hat soon.

In any case, both of mine are gray, and I want my purple mexican hat.