has anyone played FFX-2 and is it any good

ive only seen previews but it still looks like its going to be a good game

There is a group of people at Gamefaqs that have imported, played, and even completed it, but I can assure you they are all rude and boorish, as most people there are.

It’s certainly different, I must say. A mission based RPG is a great idea, and the Job System is nice to see again.

Yeah, I know someone who’s played FFX-2, he says it’s not too bad… he can speak OK Japanese, enough to follow the story, and he says it’s worth buying :slight_smile:

And yes, don’t bother with gamefaqs unless you prefer speed of response over quality of response :wink:

Yea i think the job system will be cool
ps. is that av “doctor who” neb?