Has anyone Played Dual Orb 1 for Super Famicom?

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The game looks Final Fantasy-ish.

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I doubt anybody’s played Dual Orb, since the populous here generally speaks Japanese about as well as a snail does. There might be somebody here that has played Dual Orb 2, though, since there’s a translation patch available for it.


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Looks fun. I can’t read Japanese, but I’ve actually played through and completed a few Japanese RPGs without translation guides, so I might give this a try.

I played a bit of either the first or second one. Then I stopped because it started sucking so badly.

I’ve played the second one. That sucker’s hard. I never got into it too much due to both that and because the story wasn’t sucking me in. I’d imagine if I played the first I’d immediately go to the second.

I’ve played the second one also. Never completed it…got stuck on a boss. Tough game. I thought my levels were decent but I get killed off in a few turns. Oh, the random encounter rate is off the meter.