Has anyone played Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance?

As in, fans who have played at least the first three chapters? p:unch:: I like the game. 'Tis very awesome.

Not a big RPG Maker fan, but if someone can convert it to a standalone, I’ll give it a shot.

It is a standalone, as far as I understand the word. You just need the file RPTe.exe.

Oh, and I’ve been playing it. 'tis rather interesting. I’m liking what I see so far.

Someone find me a download link.

So, uh, what is this? An RM2K remake of DW4, or what?

RPTe.exe http://www.z-comics.com/misc/RTPe.exe

DW4R: http://brasington.celestialbridge.net/v3fix001.zip

A sort of continuation of DW4. Takes place 500 years after DW4.

I’ve played through part of it, but I never really got into it.

There’s no EXE file amongst those files. Are you sure that’s all one would need to play?

Haha, silly me. I linked to the bugfix instead of the actual game.

Go to www.gaminggroundzero.com to get the game.

Neither did I so much the first time. =/ Things get really interesting past the second chapter.

Where’s the dream gem in the second chapter?

No idea. =(

Wow, it’s too bad there’s no walkthrough. Maybe I shouldnt play this game if I can’t complete it

I havent played DQ4 but maybe I should. If it aged as well as Phantasy STar, then maybe. IT sounds like the kind of game with a lot of direction and you know what you’re supposed to do

I installed the Rennasance and it’s all pixellated. I dont remember it being so pixellated last time i played an rpg maker game

And it is at full acceleration. I dont play roms on fullscreen stretched because it gets pixellated that way

I think it’s because my graphics card, but when i played on my old computer, that computer had a worse graphics card