Has anyone heard about fanfiction awards?

Being a fanfiction writer, it is my belief that we should be seen as a serious group of people, doing serious type of work, and not be seen as geeks and nerds who have nothing better to do, or have so lack a talent in writing, that we have to copy somebody else’s work.

To this end, I believe, that there should be an award ceremony of some kind of reward fanfiction writers for their hard work. One person who I think deserves an award is D Galloway, hopefully didn’t misspell his name, Weiila, also deserves an award, as well as a certain individual I discovered at www.fanfiction.net, where you can find all of my stories now by the way, named TheShoelessOne, her fiction, Promise (A Xenosaga story, from Ziggy’s perspective), is AWESOME.

Does anyone know about any such award ceremony? If not, what do you think? Should there be one?