Has anyone done this before

Once again I lost my FF I save file, so I figured, to keep myself interested enough to get through the first half of the game again I’m going to write a FF I fic. It’s great for me because I get to define the characters, but there is a basic plot in place. I have a horrible habit of not planning upcoming events and dead end in the middle of stories. Also, the lack of in game dialouge always me opportunities to create scenes in a way I would like to see them.

I already have outlines for the first 4 chapters, one to introduce each character. I’m also planning to create a little introduction before that. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, warning, etc. feel free to let me know.

Let us see it and we’ll be able to comment. :slight_smile: I recommend scott baird’s and Ersatz’ FF I fics if you need directions. It’s always great to see more ignored games getting attention.