Has anybody read "Jane Eyre"?

I’m writing an analyse of it, and I hit a mystery. In the text, Jane keeps calling her beloved “Mr Rochester”, which is all well, but on a couple of occassions she also calls him “min herre” in Swedish, which in English would be “my master”. Now, I’m wondering if “master” is the word she uses in the English original, just to check. It could help me with a couple of more points with this badboy.

I read it some five years ago. I remember she kept calling him “sir”, even after they got really intimate.

Yeah, she calls him “sir” all the whole way through… talk about strict. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. I can barely remember everything about the book. Did Rochester recover his vision fully? And had Jane stopped calling him sir?

Well, he did get his sight back on one eye at least, but it was a bit fuzzy about the “sir” stuff…