Harvest Moon

I’m playing Harvest Moon, and I’m having trouble renovating the house. I’ve got lots of wood(about 999 pieces), and over 10,000 bucks. What I don’t have is the knowledge of who to speak with or how, in order to contract for the building of my house. What do I have to do in order to get the carpenters to build my deluxe house?

Which version of HM are you talking about?

SNES: The carpenters in the tree(house). The one near the table.

1st and 2nd GB: The carpenter (If you can’t find him, I suggest you go back to elementary school).

3rd GB: You can’t.

That’s all I know.

While we are at it, does anybody played HM3 for GBC? If you did, can you tell me what to do when Billy asks for 999 logs? I don’t have to carry them all do I?

Have any of you played the PS2 version? If you have, what do you think about it?

Beg pardon. I forgot that they remade it. It’s the SNES version. My bad.

I’ve tried talking to the Carpenter inside the treehouse. There’s only the one, by the way, and he does indeed stand next to the table. But all he says is “It’s an extension campaign. If you can enlarge your house by the end of summer, you’ll get a nice prize.”

So how do I activate his “do you want to enlarge bla blah” response?

By the way, I like the Planescape quotes. It’s a nice game. So was Septerra Core…:wink:

If he gives that message, I think you need to talk to him the day after that. And make sure it’s not a Weekend.

Thanks, I love Planescape^_^

Yep, it worked. Thanks, everyone…

“What can change the nature of a man?”

That’s my default question in all the “1000 posts question threads”

Since we are in this forumm you don’t happen to know a way of using Trias’s Celestial Fire do you?

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”> EDIT:Sorry, I Misreaded. Nevermind

What was it Kor?

I believe you have to be a fighter, to use swords(though I hope not-my TNO is a blades specialist who’s now focusing on magecraft-since edged is a skill useable in all three professions). Also, you have to be lawful good. Doesn’t matter, anyway, though, since you lose it once you free him-and I’m pretty sure that if you strike him down, you build a lot of negative karma…

I tried with all the classes and all the Alingments.

Plus, you CAN keep the sword if you…[spoiler]Bring Vhalior to the battle in Curst/Carceri. It doesn’t matter if you redeem Trias or not, since Vhailor is a worthy Mercykiller, he’ll do what his faith says and simply butch him, allowing you to get both the Celestial Host spell and the Celestial Fire.

Yeah, you sorta killed an Angel but it wasn’t YOU and you never se Trias again anyway…[/spoiler]

And please, use spoiler tags for that kind of stuff.

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
What was it Kor?
<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/kor.gif”> I didn’t read the Post with the answer…so i tried to answer again.

Originally posted by VickiMints
Have any of you played the PS2 version? If you have, what do you think about it?

I’ve played it… I think it’s a fun game… very cute. Um… I’ll try to elaborate in the morning ^^;