I remember a while back in a separate thread, I asked why everyone was pimping Haruhi so much… well, I’m sold. My friend showed me the fansubs, and I am SO SOLD. It’s weird but not just plain bizarre, and Kyon’s commentary is just perfect. I can’t wait to hear Crispin Freeman as Kyon when the DVDs are released here… I’m also trying to learn the dance!

Yes, I know I’m not really saying anything profound here, but I just wanted to take a second to say how much I enjoyed this show and to thank those who recommended it. I wish I could read the books now!

Actually you can, as all the novels have been translated. (Psst, look a little bit farther down the anime forum.)

Told ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m dying to read the rest of Dissociation now.

OH. Oops. :slight_smile:

So, more questions - are these manga or traditional books? Is there any news on them being published in English?

They’re traditional books. There is manga, and someone was translating it, but I haven’t heard about any progress. No idea about English publication for either.

They are Japanese “Light Novels”, which is a genre that’s pretty much the same as novels, except… well, smaller and generally more focused in direct dialogue than long narratives. There’s usually very little graphical description which is replaced by some scarce drawings. Though, really, it’s just a book with a slightly unortodox style.