Harry Potter

Just wondering how many of the people here are going to go out and get the new Harry Potter book this weekend. I’ll be taking my girlfriend to the bookstore Saturday morning to pick up a copy and then I’m going to get myself one also since she doesn’t let me borrow her books. >.<

My dad preordered it. I’ll read it after he is done.

i’ll get it for when i get bored and can actually tear myself away from my computer long enough…

Since I’m going to be alone in San Francisco this weekend, I’ll probably try to see if I can get away with going to the Union Square Borders and reading it in the store without buying. If that doesn’t work this weekend, I’ll just keep trying the same plan on different days.

(I don’t like to buy hardcover books. They aren’t portable enough for my taste.)

All the money, technology and souls in the world couldn’t get me to buy that book.

Can we buy it then beat you to a bloody pulp with it? Seriously, I’m not a rabid fanboy, but I will pick it up eventually. The books are quite good, despite negitive opinion.

Friday at midnight I’m going to get mine.

I’ll get it eventually. Gotta read the damn 3rd and 4th books first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get it as soon as I’ve got teh currenceh to pay for it.

i don’t need the money…if it’s normal literature, then my mother has no problem with buying it for me…


Me and my cuz Whitey are going to camp out at Hastings dressed as Jay and Silent Bob (I’m Bob. Yay!) in full get-up and everything. We’re going to bring some shit with us and set up WAAAAY early before anyone gets there in line. Then we’re going to bring our boombox with us and dance and trip out to hip-hop shit and promote my songs and whatnot. Then we’re going to talk crazy junk like solving the worlds problems with cocaine and a butter knife. And when they release the books at midnight, we’ll just chill, drink free coffee, and read Pot.

Then we go home, crash, wake up, and do MORE Pot. Then I take him home, read Pot there, go home, read Pot, sleep, wake up, Read, eat, breath, smoke, fap fap, watch Pot etc. etc. etc. and then sneak it into work and do MORE Pot. POT ON THE JOB!

I’m already predicting the book. The following are a mix of what I think, what other people think, what WILL happen (the first one WILL), complete stupidity (some of it mine…ok, most of it), and etc. Read at risk of your own virgin eyes.

Ginny or Colin Creevy WILL die. Hermione WILL be a Prefect. Harry won’t stay in school during Christmas, instead going somewhere else, where a group of people will die. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter who. A group. Mark it. Ms. Figg, Harry’s cat loving neighbor, is the new Defense Agasnt the Dark Arts teacher. We will find out what’s the big damn deal behind “You have your mothers eyes”. The mystery behind WHY some people turn into ghosts and others don’t will be revealed, first handedly most likely. Cho Chang will turn into some kind of physco bitch and will have to be “disposed” some how. Ron will be on the Quidditch team. Oliver Wood will die, but not up close. As in “Guess who died?”. Fred and George will NOT live to see the end of book six. Neville will start selling drugs. Giant’s will start fighting/revolting/drinking, something. Giants will be mentioned a lot in the book. The boundarys between magic folk and muggles will NOT be tampered with…in this book. Karkaroff will try (and probally succeed) in killing someone. Lupin will die to Peter Petigrews “silver hand”, eventually.

takes breath

Hedwig will have a small key role in this book. Animagus? No. Victor Krum will probally go to Hogwarts as a Slytherin Student. Speaking of which, someone or a group will try to unite the houses together instead of becoming enemies. Victor may become a Martyr to this. Fleur will be back as well. And she will kick some ass. Count on it. Fudge will do something REALLY stupid. Ron will have more vulgar language. (HOORAY!) The Ravenclaw ghost will make more cameos, for no apparent reason, probably. PROFESSER SINISTRA NEEDS TO MAKE SOME MORE CAMEOS AM I THE ONLY ONE CURIOUS ABOUT THE DAMNED ASTRONOMY CLASSES HARDLY EVER LISTED??? chills Boy-gril relations are going to get more “deep”. Maturity, remember? Don’t expect a “Harry Potter sex scene” though. We have the internet for that :stuck_out_tongue: The Defense Against the Dark Arts will not die, probably. She’s probably not even her age, just in disguise. Snape WILL be around 'till the end of the last book AND will find a woman, probably Ms. Figg. Oh yeah. Expect a LOT of pop-culture influence in the book.

:ulty: :moogle: :suckah: ALWAYS EAT YOUR MEALS!

Those are some crazy ass predictions there Kagato.

I’m probably gonna get it. I have the rest of the books and I guess you could call me a moderate fan of the series. I’ll probably pick one up during the Grand Opening of the new Brewer Wal*Mart.

I already got it pre-ordered at the book store at the mall. Probably after a workout at Bally, I will probably swing by and pick it up.

Grrrr… Still a month until they drag the book down here and I can’t wait. I swear I’ll beat up, kick, shoot, and maybe rape anyone who forgets about the spoiler tag from now on.

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
Grrrr… Still a month until they drag the book down here and I can’t wait. I swear I’ll beat up, kick, shoot, and maybe rape anyone who forgets about the spoiler tag from now on.

i don’t want to know anything either…but since i’ll get it before you…

beat up: i can handle.
kick: i can handle
shoot: i can somewhat handle.
rape: /me promises not to tell seraphim anything.

sorry, just had to do that…:o

I’m going to read whenever I can… ;_;

Here’s the main rumor/spoiler that I’ve heard, read at your own risk. Keep in mind it’s only a rumor, but an interesting rumor nonetheless:

It turns out Lily Potter used to be a Death-Eater before she married James Potter, if you remember in the first book Voldemont tells Harry that his mother didn’t have to die and that he killed her because she got in the way of him killing Harry, almost expressing a little regret over having to kill her. Besides that the rumor makes little sense but you have to admit it is an interesting idea.

Now that I like…

It’s probably already in my mailbox. I love fast delivery… :slight_smile:

If not it’ll arrive tomorrow.