Harry Potter: SATAN!


This comic (an attempt to prove that Harry Potter is SATANIC) is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. If you like making fun of Jack T. Chick, you’ll like making fun of Hairy Polarity. :stuck_out_tongue:

For some interesting commentary on it, look at this: http://www.livejournal.com/community/chicklist/12856.html

I like the part where Ari’s father says “Witchcraft isn’t fantasy, Ari, it’s REAL!”

That was great.

'Ari’s black

Why did they make it look like a manga? don’t they think those are satanic to?

Thats weird.

Wow, that was really stupid. XD

that cover page of the voldermort figure pinning the hermione figure to the ground and leveraging a phalic wand in her face is getting me all hot and bothered. is there any more of that in there, i couldnt read past the first couple pages.

And all my life, I thought they just had shallow characters and an undeserved fanbase. Now I see they got that power through the devol. Lucky for me Jaysoos has taught me the right way.

wow…it’s like what my teachers are trying to push off on me. i left one of the books on the dash in my car just to see what would happen. i know the principal (one of those “harry potter IS satan” people) but surprisingly he didn’t say anything. there are certain teachers though who will accordingly join me in hell. my english teacher is borrowing the books from me to read them, and according to our principal…tsk tsk.

Man, your principal doesn’t deserve to work in an institution of education :ma<b></b>ho:

i certainly don’t think so. and there are several others like him…coincidentally, with the exception of the principal, none of them can do their jobs right either…

I’m I the only one to start to see a pattern about thoses stupid school workers he mentioned?

massive incompetence?
they’re old and still try to hold on to the illusion of being 25?
they all tell useless stories about when they were my age?

actually, these are running trends in all the teachers in my school save for the teachers in english, history, and advanced computer.

Wow, that page is right. The book really IS self-mocking. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t a joke until page 8 or so. O_o;;

I skipped over most of it at that point. I did look at the back cover, though, which is hilarious in that it takes so many things from the HP books way out of context. Someone should do something like that with the Bible, taking a bunch of crap out of context and saying the Bible encourages Satanism.

Thus making them cool? >_>;

That makes me sad

Well, that would be an ironic counterstrike at those self-righteous morons who go around demonizing everything just because they haven’t done anything decent in their worthless lives. I’m still not sure if they’re attention whores, trying to control kids by keeping them from getting too imaginative, or just plain stupid.