Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Not being a big reader, I’ve always enjoyed the Harry Potter books and found solace that I wasn’t the only adult male in the world that likes these books.

Anyway, the new book comes out July 16, and I started looking for my copy of the last book to re read and catch up - but alas, I seem to have misplaced it, or at least I just haven’t found it yet. So I was hoping someone could give me a quick recap of the previous book in case I don’t find it. Here’s waht I remember:

Warning: I Hate the spoiler button. I think it makes posts look retarded. So if you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, read no further.

Harry goes to school, regular type Hogwarts shit goes on thats pretty irrelevent. Anyway, Sirius, Dumbledore and a few others have put together The Order of the Phoenix, a group dedicated to the crime fighting esque war against Voldemort. I don’t remember what happens, except that I think Lucious Malfoy gets Dumbledore kicked out of Hogwarts and that Lucious Malfoy and his evil cohorts attacked Harry and crew in some place, somewhere and killed Sirius Black. I’d like the details, if possible, of what happened. I read the book when it came out, 2 years ago, and I’ve forgotten a lot of it now that I think about it.

Thanks muchly.

Harry has weird dreams about a room and prophecy and shit. Harry’s tried for criminal activites, Dumbledore saves him. Dolores Umbridge becomes new DatD teacher, is a Ministry appointment, basically the antagonist for Harry. Makes all these rules, gives him bad detentions, bans him from Quidditch, favors Slytherin, etc. Teaches nothing useful in DatD. so Harry and co. decide to make a secret group to train. Yadda yadda, train, etc. Ratted out by Cho’s bitch friend (and I’m skipping a lot of angst/relationship shit), Dumbledore leaves the school, Fred and George leave and fuck up Umbridge. Harry, Ginny, and some others go to the Ministry of Magic to help save Sirius, but IT’S A TRAP. Big fight, yadda yadda, learn prophecy: kid who will rival Voldemort, could’ve been Neville but is Harry because Voldemort tried to kill him. Voldemort and Dumbledore fight, Dumbledore kinda wins, leaves Hogwarts, Harry goes home.

Harry tells all about Voldemort and stuff somewhere in there, is hated/revered at points in the book.

And the whole thing about the possesion and shit.

And Fudge is an imbecile who would rather make things difficult for Dumbledore, just because he’s afraid that he might take his place in the future. Oh, and Umbridge is in with Voldemort and his annoying buddies.

Oh yea, Voldemort can see into Harry’s thoughts and vice versa, though only sometimes and Voldemort can possess him. And yea, Fudge basically goes “oh noez Voldie’s dead 'cause I said so and I want my powah!”

I said this when the last book came out but I’ll repeat it just in case.

The book will take a lot longer to come out here. I’ll probably read a transcript gotten from the web like last time but that’s still going to take about half a month so: If any of you, for any sort of reason, ever spill out any sort of spoiler without the tag outside a thread that is not marked as something like “HP Book 6 spoiler”, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MURDER YOU AND EVERY LAST CLOSE RELATIVE, FRIEND, GIRL/BOYFRIEND AND HOOKER OF CHOICE YOU HAVE WITH A RUSTED KNIFE AND POUR SALT INTO YOUR BLEEDING WOUNDS.

EDIT: Fudge snaps out of it at the last part, or at least starts listening to Dumbledore and Umbridge is taken out of Hogwarts.


I’m tired, or I’d summarize it myself.

When’s the Goblet of Fire movie coming out, anyone know?

And MacGonnagall actually gives Peeves a little help at annoying Umbridge. The irony of that moment was delicious. And who doesn’t love to see an old power-hungry evil hag getting pestered so relentlessly? Mwahahahahahaha! but seriously, the so-called newspapers that go around in the book are so annoying. This so-called Daily Prophet is like the real world’s gossip rags, only it’ll even pry into the private lives of famous teenagers even more shamelessly.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is coming to theaters in november of this year. http://harrypotter.warnerbros.com/gobletoffire/index.html

:fungah: …official website, anyhow i was right thinking it wasn’t coming out this summer. Thank you Hellhawk.

Umbridge becomes afraid of centaurs. At the big trap Sirius is shoved into some curtains that lead you to a place and the assumption is that he’s dead. So that makes Harry feel somewhat guilty.

He should feel guily, the boy screwed up. He should’ve listened to Hermoine.

I can understand that Snape being his Occlumency teacher didn’t make things easy on him, but Dumbledore agreeing that it was important that he know Occlumency should’ve been enough to make him buckle down at least. I think Harry is a good guy, I just think that, like the Daily Prophet says, he does, at some points, want to help people so badly, that it makes him seem like he just wants to be in the spotlight.

Of coourse, it’s out of good intentions. He only went to help Sirius out of good intentions, but we all know where those good intentions led Sirius now, don’t we?

It will be interesting to see what actually happens in the penultimate book. Everything should start drawing to a close I guess. But not too quickly, since we still have one more book to go.

I have a bizarre feeling that Harry Potter will be the next Voldemort with the way his life seems to be turning out.

My cousin says that too. XD I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

Also, about the book, Harry pretty much destroyed Dumbledores office at the end.

On a side note, I might be going to this thing at Barnes & Nobles on the 15th…and get the book the minute it comes out. W00t!

We’ll be doing that, too. Hopefully I can finish the book before noon.