Harmony of Dissonance

After I beat the big skeleton dude, what do I do? I have slide, but I can’t figure out where to go :frowning:

I tried this game, and hated it from the start. Something just rubbed me the wrong way about it.

Good job on completely ignoring his post that seemed to ask for some help, not an opinion on the game. ur band fan, toly band

As for what you’re asking, um, I cant recall immediately, but after looking on gamefaqs I found:

Like I said, I cant remember, so if this doesnt help, gamefaqs ftw or something.

Yeah, one of the biggest problems with HoD for me was the fact that it’s not always obvious where to go next, so you may end up spending more time wandering around the castle than in most Castlevania games. So, it might be a good idea to have a walkthrough handy while playing…=/

HoD is the Castlevania game you have to be experienced in the series to play without getting stuck every once in a while. Just remember to take note of all the areas you couldn’t reach earlier and think you’ll be able to after you get a certain ability. 'course, don’t take my word for it I couldn’t finish HoD due to my getting severly lost.

I also was unable to finish it. I got pretty far, but not quite far enough.

It’s good sometimes to not be set on a direct path you must follow. I liked Harmony.

Uh, after beating the skelton guy I got the ability to slide, not double jump. I have no idea what that walk through is referring to.

Seriously, use a walkthrough. HoD can be really frustrating in certain parts.

I think Dracula’s body parts are so cursed that they not only harm the characters in the story, they harm the game itself. Simon’s Quest also had some really annoying parts that you’d really need a walkthrough to figure out, unless you have the pateince to try absolutely everything without getting any feedback from the game as to how close you are to figuring something out.

My bad, like I said and then repeated, I cant remember the game, so sorry dude.

I’m playing this right now, Sorc, and I just got past that part. After you get the slide, you have to backtrack toward where you first entered the castle. I’m not sure specifically where. Just cover all the ground you already have again and you’ll find it. Its this long room with crazy psychadelic wavy lines going on in the background. I remember you’ll be walking right to left. When you reach the end of that room, there is a wall you can slide underneath. That lets you continue on in the castle.

I have a question myself. I keep picking up furniture and junk. I found the room to keep all of it, but what is this all for?

Evil Dave got it, I could probably point the spot on the map just by memory as I played HoD alot.

The furniture is a completion gimmick, doesn’t actually do shit.

You can use the furniture to pretend you are playing Animal Crossing.

Who would want a room in Dracula’s castle anyway?