Hardest Boss Fights

Was I the only one who had problems with the last boss in FFXII?
I also forgot Kaileena? From Prince of Persia Warrior Within. My patience with that game had worn thin by the time I finally made it there, and being unable to beat her, I just gave up.

Even with this in mind, though, I could never beat him, either. “levelling” was always awkward for me in that game, and I especially never had enough Ark Stones to make it easy to do. THe fact that the entire final dungeon is one big point of no return also makes it hard for me. So blame my impatience, I suppose, but that fight is still way too hard.

Don’t feel too bad; X6 and X7 were SUCH bullshit games. I’ve beaten X1-4 (and almost X5, ugh), as well as X8 using X with NO powerups (no special weapons, subtanks, life ups, or armor pieces), and I can barely beat X6 to begin with. It’s too bad X6 and X7 were so awful; by that time, everyone ignored X8, even though it was remarkable. I might even say X8 is the best game in the series.

I understand that the very creator of the Megaman X series has apologized for X6, at the very least, and most likely the other games afterwards.

Only half-right. Inafune has nothing to apologize for, he wanted to close up the X series with X5 and proceed with Zero. The Capcom higher-ups, terminantly opposed to dropping their cash cow before bleeding it to death out of every penny and creative merit, flipped him the finger and did X6 without him. And X7. You should remember how that worked out.

He’s been running the Zero/ZX franchise since, also begging for cash to make Legends 3, which they aren’t giving him.

Megaman X4? Magma Dragoon? Just take the lower tunnel at the end by blowing the blocks up and beat the EVERLOVING SHIT out of him with a ride armor.

Unfortunately, it seems that the ZX series has been put into the very same limbo that Legends was (which sucks because ZX:A had actually ended on an interesting note, though the fact that it took two full games to reach something of that level of interest is probably exactly why the series dropped into unresolved limbo in the first place).

I was wondering why I wasn’t sure about the PSX era having something like that. Admittedly I’ve played X5 far more times than X4 which is probably why I don’t remember.

And for a boss fight, the one at the end of the Sword of Hope can be a real bitch given how you have to trek through a dungeon three times the size and complexity of every other dungeon in the game, without rest, filled to the brim with enemies that can easily fuck you up regardless of your level, and both forms of the boss can also easily fuck you up.

Also FE9’s fight against the Black Knight. If Ike got RNG screwed on his Strength gains then it will be literally impossible to beat him (fortunately you don’t need to in order to beat the game, but it helps a bit in the final boss fight).

FFXI, there are 2 bosses that stick out, first is the Pandemonium Warden. Guilds fought this guy for over 18 hours straight before getting too sick from exhaustion to continue fighting him. He was nerfed afterward to despawn if not killed in 2 hours even then it still took guilds 7 months to kill him. The other would be Absolute Virtue. If things haven’t changed due to the fact that I’ve only read about most of these things, AV has never been legitimately killed. Guilds have bugged him out and beaten him, and every time a guild bugs him and beats him Square-Enix bans the guild and buffs the boss. It’s ridiculous to the point that no guilds even make attempts at him any more.

When I played as Zero, I had to do this, or else I’d never win against him. I could barely beat dragoon in Sigma’s Fortress at the end of the game with full powerups and stuff, and he was always the first one I fought in the order.

Heh, forgot about the FFXI superbosses. Then again, it’s not really fair to list them since that’s implying artificial difficulty to an extreme. If it takes ~1000 people to try for 18 hours to beat a superboss, fuck that shit.
Not even some of the old 25-man raid bosses in WoW took that long to beat, nor were they that insane on the difficulty scale. (Speaking of WoW, reminds me when people would pull world bosses to like Orgrimmar, and everyone would try and fight it, only to die horribly. Fun times…)

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Ninja Edit: And while we’re on the subject, on my run through MP3 I ended up spending over half an hour on that ridiculous Nova Beam guardian. There’s not much of a clue as to how to damage it and it turned out to be the very last loving thing I could do that did it.

And this is right after another mid boss with a poorly phrased scan data that caused the fight to drag out for much longer than necessary. Also the boss before that took an immense amount of time as well (although in that case it was really a matter of the fight being one massive slog anyways).

Oh, okay… I thought this guy was real because he was saying different stuff relevant to the threads. ^^;

Anyway, in regards to the hardest boss fights I’ve ever come across, it has to be Gruntilda in Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie! I know you guys are probably laughing at me! :smiley: But during the time I played this on the N64 years back, defeating her was like crazy hard! (Beating Ganondorf in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, was easier than her!.. seriously.) The first one wasn’t as bad as the second one though! There was heaps you had to watch out for and the air itself slowly lowered your health (because of poisonous fumes.)

As for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Ganon may not have been that hard but escaping the castle was rather difficult! I hate timed events… I suck at them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardest bosses I’ve fought lately are the last two bosses of Tales of Innocence. The first one is a variation of a reoccurring enemy, and is just annoying as hell. Managed to pull off a 300+ hit combo, then it got an opening and pulled out a point-blank attack that killed 2/3 of my party instantly. I ended up getting a Game Over trying to revive my party. 2nd time around, I managed to get close to 300 hits two separate times and finally killed the damn thing. Pissed me off the first time because I got such a huge combo and barely managed to chip off half its health (IIRC, it had like 300,000 HP).

Final boss was just a cheap-ass. Using my normal tactics, my party usually got annihilated within about a minute. I had completely change tactics and styles to survive. I did end up winning the fight, but it took me a good 10-15 minutes of chipping away at the boss’ HP from far away. On a similar note, I never got through much of the Bonus Dungeon because the enemies were simply too brutal for me. (And this is all on Normal!)

When younger, I always had trouble with the Palm O’Doom in Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean. It had an attack that afflicted all party members with random status effects (poison, paralysis, petrify, confusion (I think), etc). Only one party member was immune to those: Gryzz the dragonman. He’s also your best healer, having an ability that can heal all party members. And he’s your strongest fighter. Despite it all, the first three or so times I played through, he was the only party member to survive the fight in a normal condition; everyone else was either dead, paralyzed, or stoned (hehe). The last couple of playthroughs, though, which have been done in the mind of shrining (and thus have involved power leveling against enemies to better determine their HP values and all the spells one character that leaves halfway gets), have resulted in my party for the most part all surviving the fight. But in the course of regular playing, I consider that a hard fight. Not the hardest ever, but definitely difficult for the game. So really, it’s only hard if you want every party member to survive. I’m sure SG will agree.

I thought that when you had to use Pahn to fight general Teo in Suikoden was intense, mainly because you had to rely on some luck. Unless you just spend an insane amount of time leveling him up to like 50, your not gonna be able to survive his attacks for long.

Ok, I know this thread’s been dead for awhile, but I wanted to put the Wiegraf/Velius battle to bed.

Ramza - Wizard, White Magic. Give him a Wizard Robe, Magic Gauntlet, Holy Miter, and at least one Wizard Rod. Cast Holy on Wiegraf once. Win.

Use an Ether on Ramza, have him cast Holy on Velius, attack with everyone else. Win again.

That fight took me maybe 10 minutes.

Elmdor- I used a Time Mage/Mediator to slow him down and reset his CT, a Knight to Speed Break him, and a Squire Ramza to Scream at my thief until she stole everything. It took over an hour, but Elmdor got maybe 5 turns in and barely was able to do anything. Easy peasy~

He wasn’t the “hardest” but he’s the one who started my perfectionist, level hungry phase: Final Fantasy IX’s Ozma.

That or Capcom are colossal dicks who decided to cleanse themselves of their fans and anybody with talent.

If SA lurkers weren’t currently locked out of SA, I’d link to an FFT LP that has Monk Ramza one-shot Wiegraf/Velius twice.

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Schwann in Tales of Vesperia if you aren’t overleveled and have only 1 life bottle is pretty fucking hard. I was too stubborn to get out the dungeon to go buy some more so I toughed it out. I was pretty happy when I took him down. Ys7 on the PSP also had some pretty tough fights, the 1v1 in the colosseum comes to mind. The final boss to the 2nd DLC pack to Castlevania Lords of Shadow is one of the most, if not the most, difficult fight I’ve ever done in a 3d action game and I was on normal difficulty.

The LP site is free, suupposing you’re talking about this LP.

Yeah, that’s the one. But like an idiot, I don’t have the site bookmarked yet (or at least I didn’t before).