Hardcore gaming: Drawing a line

Recently all my spare time is being spent on this video game I’m playing, the graphics suck, and its quite slow, but I’ve been pulling all nighters just to play it longer, maybe its the social aspect (as all online rpgs are).

Any advice on this would rock.

Well, you have two options: enjoy yourself or get a life.
Do you withhold the name for fear of being insulted?

Well, that game is lame in every respect, its kinda embarrasing, yes. xP

Stop playing RO and get Starcraft.

Good job. The first step to overcoming your problems is to admitting you have them.[/self-help]

Here’s a scenario for you:

Shinobi. Hardest next-gen game in existance right now (I’d say hardest game ever, but there’s some pretty hard NES games that might be tougher). Most people don’t even have the persistance to beat level three on normal mode.

There’s three modes. Normal, Hard, and Super. Hiruko, the final boss, nearly invincible on normal mode.

Super Hiruko. I sat on my ass for 12 hours without budging, hitting retry over a thousand times literally, untill I finally killed him with a level 8 tate critical hit to the back, which off’ed him in one shot :stuck_out_tongue: (That’s extremely rare and I damn near shat myself when I did it.) End Credits have never been so sweet.

And THAT, my firends, is an example of hardcore gaming :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2: $200
Shinobi: $40
The realization that you’re sitting in a pool of your own sweat after spending 12 hours overcoming one of the toughest obstacles in any videogame ever: Priceless.

There’s some things money can’t buy. That’s why we have ninja games.

What game are you playing? RO like Cless said?

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
Stop playing RO and get Starcraft.
A truer verse has never before been wrought!

Nah, its not RO, though I here from my friend Joel theres literally nothing you can’t do there, I’ll have to check it out.

Hey, if you enjoy doing it, don’t stop.

The real RO sucks, but the private servers are fun. I used to be on my private server all day, and then fall asleep on the keyboard at like 2 in the morning, then wake up and keep going.

But then stupid old gravity shut my server down. ;_; :too bad;

Hey! >: O RO is fun!

RO IS fun <.<;;;;

Both privite servers and official servers have their plusses and OH MY GOD PAIN STAB MY EYES PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPP- AHHH. Privite servers though, get reallllly… boring fast, since there isn’t so much of a goal with under 100~ people. Sure there is no over crowding, but there also aren’t random encounters and sudden swooning over hot guys/girls you see :stuck_out_tongue:

Privite servers, I’d have to say, are better for getting to know what’s going on in the game (IE what goals you want in the end) and real RO is were you exicute that.