Happy Valentines Day!

Question, whats my status here:
Gf is about 4 hrs away, cant talk to her today, or send her anything, but she knows i love her

Eh… meh. Happy V-Day

Shin, that was beautiful. I love you.


At least my family loves me very much. :smiley:

VD is a blight upon the world. Thankfully, being single (almost 3 years single…go…for…the…record!!!) I’m not under pressure to do some crazy thing/top last years efforts at crazy-thing-doing. And it feels gooooooood.

Who am I kidding? Ima go be bitter and eat haggis.

He is younger than you? How much younger??

Sigh…This day sucks…I can’t see my girl…her parents HATE me…no idea why…

is bitter And I can’t have candy…There is no comfort sweets!
Happy V-day to you people.

Aw you singles out there think that the couples get the most out of today. I was treated to the most heart wrenching confession of love from my guy and then he promptly told me that he was drunk. Happy valentine’s day!

V-Day = Bad. No GF this year. Never had one during V-day. Am I getting shafted or what?

You’re only 15, I’m sure some little fille will stray onto your path soon.

Any singles live anywhere close to San Diego?
Man, you’d think in the paradise you’d find some…

There are many beautiful ladies in SD. Consider yourself lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Not that there aren’t beautiful ladies in LA, but they tend to be more fake and shallow.)

I’m sad now…Thanks alot for bringing up lost oppurtunity.

I know what you’re talking about. Such as when we were at the arcade that one night, I got bored and looked around and walked around and I saw some good looking girls in the area, but they seemed pretty stuck up. Being stuck up just takes any sort of looks down a whole bunch.

Happy Monday.

I… don’t remember Monday. I think I was asleep. Or playing KotOR II. I don’t remember.

Yeah, I used to say and think that when I was 15, too…

Thank God it’s over now. I think this holiday bugs me even more than Christmas (which is no small accomplishment). Good riddance.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

(The only day I find it a curse to be single…)

You still used to think and say stuff when you were 15? I stopped doing that when I was like, 8 :smiley: No more thinking for me!

Valentine sucks. I’ve despised it as long as I can remember.