Happy Turkey Day!

Money PWNS pie anyday

True, but pie PWNS nothing.

Happy Thanksgivin everyone! I just got invited over to my best friend’s house. We’ll have a Thanksgiving lunch with ham, not turkey. Then, we’ll start playing either DW8 or Magna Carta. He just got them last week and haven’t even opened them yet. Ah, I love the holidays…!

Im just going over to my grandmas, and other relatives are coming over. We normally eat, watch football, and play board games.

Enjoy your holiday, commies!

To hell with the bird, I want corn on the cob!

Oh, and happy holiday to those who get one.

Thanksgiving happened a month ago. You people are behind on the times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wil, Ulpiano is the best fucking name ever.

The only part of Thanksgiving (The October one), is the stuffing. I love to eat stuffing. Fuck the turkey and cranberries. Stuffing is the shit.

Happy Thanksgiving! Almost everyone is happy, exept turkeys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, guys watch this cool e-card about Thanksgiving. :smiley:

Thats kinda odd, but in a funny way, lol. Oh, and i just got back from my grandmas, and the pie…OH MY GOODNESS…IT ROCKED!!! Just thought i should let you all know.

Thank you, sir, for taking an interest in the English language. Before continuing on your journey, you should check this page for further clarification on the proper usage of the verb “to do”.

Go fuck yourself red, go fuck yourself. :slight_smile:

lolz…u is funnyz

Damn straight…now i sound like im from the gehtto, lol.

You sure do laugh at yourself a lot. Is there something you’re trying to tell us?

No, i dont want to tell any of you any thing. YOu will just make fun of me, and call me things.

This is a thanksgiving thread. You should THANK each other for being idiots. :stuck_out_tongue: Now cut it out.

Woo thanksgiving! … I’d woo if it was celebrated here. Maybe I should go to germany, but you don’t get turkey there anyway, just vegetables and stuff. Who needs vegetables. Bleh. Healthy. >O

Healthy food can be good. Like broccoli drowning in cheese. Mmm.

Update: I ended having dinner at NONE of the places I mentioned… but at the house of Angel, Ulpiano’s younger brother and another person whose family is very dear to me. Why? BECAUSE HE CAME TO PICK ME UP, that’s why! Hey, first come, first served!!

Besides, it’s been quite a while since I visited them, while I see my other folks very often.

Why do so many people want me over? Well, maybe it;'s because I’m such a nice guy. Or maybe it’s I can keep their kids busy for hours! :stuck_out_tongue: “Uncle Wil! Let’s play video games! Uncle Wil! Let’s play Yugioh!”

We ate Turkey with pasta, with cherry jell-o (with whipped cream on top!) for an aperitive. Best Thanksgiviong dinner I’ve had in a loooong time! :slight_smile:

All in all, a great Thanksgiving. Hope the rest of you had a great day, too.

PS: Of course, now I’m going to have to figure out how to split the rest of the Holidays between the rest of my loved ones… :frowning:

Wil, I so see myself in your shoes as things are here, except that we don’t have Thanksgiving. But I’ll probably experience the same situations in Christmas.