Happy Turkey Day!

Well, i’m a few hours ahead of everyone, so to me it’s Thanksgiving:P Even over here, it remains my favorite holiday! So to everyone here at RPGC and your families:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hurray for Thanksgiving, the only holiday where you’re ENCOURAGED to eat yourself into a coma. Except for maybe Christmas.

I hate turkey
Fucking conformist.

Seriously though, i dont’ like the way turkey tastes. It’s just bleh.

I dip it in mashed potatoes, myself. Mmm-mmm. Actually, I pretty much stir everything together but the cranberry sauce.

You know how people complain about having relatives over for Thanksgiving? I have the opposite problem: THREE different families want me to spend Thanksgiving with them!! No, really! My sister Ivonne’s, my sister Ileana’s and my best friend Ulpiano’s. I have the same dilemma ever year: where to spend each holiday? Not just Thanksgiving but Christmas and Epiphany as well. ALL these people are very, very dear to me! If I had a car, I would just spend a while with each, but I don’t. Ah, well, we’ll see.

And I like Thanksgiving Turkey. But I prefer Christmas Pork. (A local tradition.) :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. And remember to be grateful for what you have (regardless of whether you believe in God or not.)

We don’t have that tradition here.

But just to stay in topic, I’d like to inform you guys that George W. Bush, following american tradition, spared a turkey, named Marshmallow, this year. He actually went well beyond that, and seemingly to compensate for all the bad things his nation has done to turkeys for centuries now, he gave the poor creature a gift: Bush is sending Marshmallow in a first class flight to Disneyland.

All sides seem to agree that Disneyland is a wonderful grazing ground for turkeys that might otherwise have landed as breast meat on Thanksgiving.

“We wish them all well,” said Pedersen. “They’ve been with us for 15 years, a rich tradition at Frying Pan Park. And if they’re ever looking for a place near the White House, the presidential suite doors remain open.”

Since I’m English we don’t celebrate thanksgiving over here. But I still think it is a nice concept, getting your family and friends together having a big meal. And just taking time out to be thankful for what you have.

It seems there are people who forget about that being thankful part, and just want more more more. Oh well, that’s life I guess.

I have that same problem.Its between my friends, my mother, or my father to spend with.To celebrate it with all of them I have to drive back and forth; it gets tiring and often discussions arise.But its fun, even though Im very guilty that today Im going to make myself a fatass and eat.Im thinking for the next week Ill starve myself or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I <3 Turkey, its soo good.With gravy.Mashed Potatoes.Cranberry sauce.Apple pie.Champagne.drools

Happy ‘Let us celebrate that the natives helped the Pilgrims. Let us do it by eating turkey! Let us forget all about what we did to thank them!’ Day. You could at least use the chance to mention it and, well, feel at least a little bit about it.

Turkey is rubbish.

Yay for turkey…the bird are ugly as hell, but i love the dark meat…white meat is just dry…and taste nasty.

Awesome song, Mitsuko.

I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving. I’m not a big fan of eating. Just another day for me to deal with my relatives, really. I’m working anyway.

Wow, thats odd. The majority of places around me are all closed…except for meijers…they are open all year round…which really pisses off the workers when they hear that they have to work on Christmas. Well, the majority of them are pissed, the others are happy that they get 2 times the pay for that day.

Convenience stores and gas stations can open, I believe.

And yes, the only reason we work them is for the extra money.

I knew it…i would probably work too, but i dont have a job, but i have a job interview soon…but i probably wont get the job any way.

No, I do so just to have an excuse to avoid family gatherings.

And Nightmare, if you keep that attitude, then you’ll surely not get a job. That’s not the spirit.

Well, i think the fact that my age has somthing to do with it, thats why, but if it was on like work, i would definitly he hired. The majority of places that hire, they want older workers. They would normally take a lazy 17 year old over a hard working 15 year old. But any who, my great grandma makes a mean pumpkin pie, so im looking forward to that. :slight_smile:

You’re looking forward to not getting a job because your grandmother makes good pie? Dude, you’re make more nonsense than Jabricruds.

No, i want a job, and my great grandma makes me a pie any way, so i doesnt matter if i work or not, i get a pie any way.

If you get pie anyway, wouldn’t pie + $$$ be better than pie alone?

I guess you are right. When i get a job…i shall work on thanksgiving…and get pie. The only thing is, i still have to get a job, so for the time being, i get the pie.