Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy day of socially acceptable alcohol abuse!

Green beer for everyone!!!

For those who don’t know, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. That means you!

So come, join in and propagate the stereotype that all Irish people have drinking problems.

Seriously though, I will be hitting the bars tonight. It is almost required. Anyone else participating in the drunken shenanigans?

I so fucking hate this day. What is supposed to be at least somewhat religious holiday, people spend by acting like a bunch of retards, celebrating a special day in a country many people don’t have ancestry from, And honoring the exploits ofd a man by binge drinking and lots of vomiting. What a way to show respect, eh?

…I really hate this day.

I also hate this day, because of instead of acting Irish, people get drunk.

This is not Irishness. That is drunkenness.

But I like having a day off school. :frowning:

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a holy day of observation for Catholics. It is a feast day. So its not that religious of a “holiday.”

Also, I almost forgot.

Happy Evacuation Day!!!

March 17 in Suffolk County, Massachusetts is Evacuation Day, an official holiday commemorating the evacuation of the city of Boston by British forces during the American Revolutionary War. Evacuation Day is also observed in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Somerville, Massachusetts. Schools and government offices are closed for the day.

St Patrick’s day isn’t irish.
Drinking isn’t irish.

Ireland is geographical location that people are from, not something that people are. Shut the fuck up with your meaningless pride bullshit and drown yourselves in whiskey like regular people.

Everyone is celebrating St. Patrick, who converted several pagans to Christianity, and drove the other ones out of Ireland. Asshole.

That’s why I need a drink. :-p

There’s whiskey in the jar.

It used to be a religious holiday in Ireland, and the bars were actualy closed on this day until 1910 when they realized they could make money through tourism.

I would go out to the bars tonight if I was 21, I think you guys need to lighten up a bit.

Even if I was of age - not for another 2 years - I wouldn’t. my family has a history of Alcoholism. Plus, I’m 100% certain I would be a depressing drunk to be around. THe sort that drinks and falls into despair, so he drinks even more to forget it only he can’t, and he brings down nearly everyone else with how morose he is. Normally that WOULD make me feel better, because misery loves making company more miserable than him, but I’d be too drunk to care.

Whee, I need to stop analyzing myself so much.

A day in which millions of Americans claim to be Irish. If I was from Ireland I would find this to be insulting.

Thats what I’m saying. Calm down people.

There seems to be a lot of hate for alcohol on these forums. I know most of you are underage, but come on.

When used in moderation, there is nothing wrong with alcohol. Getting drunk ocassionally isn’t really bad. As long as you stay in control and don’t drive or anything, what’s the harm?

Not everyone abuses alcohol.

Eh. like i said, long line of alcoholics, so I’m extremely prejudiced. But really, it’s not drinking itself I have a major beef with, it’s how we have an entire holiday centered around getting piss-ass drunk. Don’t deny it, that’s really what St. Patrick’s Day is about, drinking mroe beer than one should ever do.

How much should one drink and why?

No see, I don’t have a problem with drink in and of itself. I like to drink, hells yes, after a few drinks I feel pretty good about shit. (Yes, I realize I’m underage, but seriously, who gives a fuck, anyone underage can get served if they know where to go.)

I have a problem that people seem to associate Irish drinking with binge drinking, especially young people in Ireland today. It’s just like, “Oooo, let’s all get so pissed off our heads that we won’t have a good time, but hey, that’s okay because we won’t remember it anyway, and really, who gives a fuck what this shit is doing to us so long as we have a good time but we won’t but who cares because we won’t remember so we can convince ourselves that twelve drinks in two hours DOES give the same enjoyment as three in two hours and we did have a time, whee!”

I wish I was exaggerating here, but I amn’t.

Also, Hades, shut the hell up. We have plenty to be proud of for being Irish which has nothing to do with geographical location. At all. It’s not so much anymore, and there’s a lot of shit I’m not proud of, but I AM proud of this country, and I have a right to be, so seriously, shut the hell up and go back to talking about shit you know something about.

Edit: PS, that was directed at your first post, not your second.

Edit 2: And that depends on the person Hades. People feel the affects of drunkeness at different stages, due to various factors, most of which I don’t really know that much about so I won’t actually talk about beyond saying they exist.

Cavelcade, I am a quarter Irish due to my family’s background. Does it annoy you when Americans say they are Irish due to their ansestory?

It depends on how they say it.

A glass of red wine a day for the heart!

Wine can also be used if you live in an area without sophisticated water treatment facilities. The ancient Greeks used to mix win with drinking water as a cleaning tool.

Admitedly, real grape juice does the same thing than wine.

And you people fucking seriously need to lighten up.

No, you don’t. We just had an entire thread about this. You being irish doesn’t connect you in any way to anyone else who was irish and achieved great things. Living in Ireland is no reason to associate yourself with great people who also happened to live in (or come from) Ireland. The only thing being irish means is that you or your ancestors once lived in the region known as Ireland. You have nothing to be proud of but your own accomplishments.

FYI, I live in Canada. I know at least as much about blind nationalism as anyone else on earth. The irish are fucking tame compared to canadians when it comes to pride. They’re equally retarded though.

I noticed that I either love or hate everything that Hades says. It’s the former this time. <3 <3 <3