Happy Spring Day, Chinese New Year

<____< 大学!不开玩笑。 我比你聪明 机了!大学生DT > all! :o

Yuki: xiexie ^^

DT lives in China :o

So, which uni do you go to?

My university? I go to Waterloo for mathematical physics. There are a lot of students who come from China so the school has a large Mandarin class. I didn’t like the teacher so I didn’t take the next class after 101. She taught us that Hong Kong doesn’t exist. O_O

Last I checked, it did.

Oh, one of <i>those</i> people >.>

Oh, yeah… The textbook we used had some Communist leanings. She definitely didn’t like the way the country was being run and made sure we knew that. She also couldn’t pronounce my name so she called me something else. Turns out she was just calling me White Girl. ;_;